American Films Show that the Bible and Torah are Not False!

Sunday in the United States is celebrated in a very special way – 90 percent of television stations show their stockpiles of religious films! Last Sunday evening I watched the film Moses, and after that I watched another film on a different station that told the story of the Prophet Joseph and his brothers, and then a third film about our Prophet Abraham (Peace Be Upon Him).

These are laboriously made films with huge budgets dedicated to creating the most realistic picture! Most of the details of these stories about the prophets coincide almost entirely with what is stated in the Quran. But of course, the information in these films wasn’t drawn from the Muslim holy book; rather, the details are taken from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and the Torah. This also applies to the film The Last Temptation of Christ, which was shown repeatedly on the Arabic broadcast channel Orbit! Since the days of my childhood, I have heard again and again from teachers of Islam that the Torah is “distorted” and the Bible is “false.” If this is so, then where were all of the details mentioned in the Quran taken from?

And please don’t try and convince me that the Quran is the original and primary source of this information. And if all of the foregoing is true, it means that Jews and Christians have faith in everything that appears in the Quran and that we should stop saying they are “infidels who we must fight.” For why should we fight people who believe in the details of our own holy book?

This issue needs to be reexamined by Al-Azhar Al-Shareef University [A religious institution in Egypt that is a center of Islamic scholarship ] and the religious leaders in all parts of the Arab and Islamic world so that teachers of Islam no longer fill the heads of our children with doctrines that cannot be identified as either true or false!!

These American religious films are wonderfully made and can turn nonbelievers into believers immediately. If it weren’t for the fact that my heart is brimming with faith and my mind is fortified by the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) – and if I were unrefined, or didn’t have knowledge or intelligence, then I might just become a Christian or … a Jew!!

Why don’t the Islamists invest huge sums of money in producing films that portray the greatness of Islam and the Prophet Mohammad? This would strengthen the hand of Muslims and increase their numbers all over the earth!

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