What al-Qaeda’s Number Two Might Say About Madrid Bomb Convictions


Since our leader Osama bin Laden – may Allah be upon him – concealed himself in the passages of Tora Bora almost six years ago, we have not had a victory as great as the one we achieved this week in Al-Andalus [Spain ].

Allah’s soldiers who mightily struck the infidels and who didn’t reach death before being caught have been convicted. The pious infidel who gave us the explosives we used in our struggle has also received a lengthy sentence WATCH .

We who inspired this redemptive workin the land of Al-Andalus in response to the Almighty’s mandate have escaped any sentence. The Justice of the infidels is always unfair to us, so Allah has protected us and this time we have been shielded from their injustices. Raise your voices over Dar al-Islam [lands under Islamic rule], from Morocco to the Philippines, that the infidel is weak[!] … He who doesn’t employ force in response to our attacks, but wants to answer with his laws, which are obsolete and not based on the justice of Allah. … Even with the evidence of how we induced the martyrs to gain heaven by killing the infidels, their laws were unable to reach us.

And let all the faithful know that the infidels are divided. Some of the Al-Andalus infidels have denied for years that the Jihadi fighters had committed the attack. Those same infidels are now taking refuge in their laws by claiming that it’s unclear who ordered the launch of the Madrid attack. Brothers, they know, but they don’t want to know. And we must take advantage of this.

The cowardice of the leaders who we helped install in Al-Andalus have assisted us in reaping a great victory in Iraq. “Now that our soldiers are in retreat in Iraq, now that the American Satan is on the rise, remember that we have to debilitate the infidel in his own territory.” Victory is near. The infidel is weak. As our leader Osama bin Laden, let Allah be with him, said in October of 2001, we shall recover Al-Andalus. It draws ever closer.

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