The Zionist Bush Administration

Stanley Cohen, the Jewish American lawyer, asks this question through an Arab satellite channel: “Why are some parties and people in the region (Editor’s note: Middle East) hurrying to celebrate and marvel to whatever ideas and invitations the US administration throws, without any reasoning and awareness to the causes and long term effects of those ideas and invitations? Are they being driven to them? Is it fear? Or are they taken by the loss of focus of this administration? Which the American people themselves were first to proclaim their opposition to, by openly standing against its evils and warmongering dreams. Why are some parties in the region working on whitewashing this administration when it is on its last breath and Bush is getting ready to leave the White House? Why support this president who claims that God inspires him to do his evil deeds!?”

The same questions are being asked by the large Arab street — In a time when the circle of the enemies of Arabs in this administration has grown larger and the circle of Arab animosity against America has grown more than ever. The U.S. administration is aware of this animosity, which was caused by its policies and war in Iraq and Lebanon and its actions in Somalia and Darfur. It is trying to buy the writers, media people and outlets to rebuild bridges between the administration and the Arab and Islamic worlds.

Cheney’s daughter’s last tour is part of this attempt to present, as President Bachar Assad said, to a large group of Arab-language media outlets, which generously cover each article, communiqué or interview.

That big rush to approve the US administration in whatever it proclaims causes surprise and bewilderment. It is either a surrender to the administration (to give one’s ten fingerprints) [Editor’s note: an Arab figure speech meaning complete approval, or signing ten times] or complete ignorance to the real motives and long-term results of what is proclaimed. In any case it is a sad situation.

What are the successes of this Zionist thought-inspired administration?

Surely evaluating the success in light of Zionist aims does not take place through a moral and humanitarian prism as is required by international law and humanitarian considerations. For those considerations do not exist in the context of an administration aiming to control the world and seeing as an enemy whoever does not support it.

The US administration under the rule of the neo-cons was never serious in establishing peace in the region or in calling for serious negotiations or discussions regarding the issues of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

What this administration was successful at was to completely destroy Iraq’s economic, human and cultural power. Thus serving Zionist goals and mythology which claims that rebuilding the Temple cannot be accomplished before Babylon is destroyed, and Iraq is partitioned and its might destroyed. Bush’s administration was successful in deepening inter-Arab conflicts and providing more support to Zionist cruelty to oppress and abuse Palestinians. It was also successful in creating division among Palestinians and empowering one side against the other at a time when the blockade against Palestinians is harsher and the Palestinians in Gaza are starving.

That happens and the world is watching a people die – a people whose guilt is that it wants to build an historic presence on its territory. That administration was also successful in providing a cover for Israel to expand its settlements in the West Bank, in grabbing more land around Jerusalem, in harnessing the Arab anger caused by Israel’s destroying of the “Gate of the Moroccans”, and digging tunnels under the Aqsa mosque and proclaiming Jerusalem an eternal capital for Israel.

[Editor’s note: The Moroccans’ Gate, Mugrabi Gate or Gate of the Moors, (Arabic: Bab al-Magharbeh; Hebrew: Shaar HaMughrabim‎), is located on the western flank. Over the years, the external façade of Barclay’s Gate was covered and the ground outside the Temple Mount was raised many meters above the lintel of the gate. At some stage, probably in the 12th century and maybe even later, a new gate called Bab al-Magharbeh was installed in the Western Wall above the level of the Barclay Gate. It was named after the residents of the adjacent neighborhood, who had come to Jerusalem from Morocco in the days of Saladin. This gate is open to this day and is the only entrance to the Temple Mount for non-Muslims.]

The US administration was also successful in pushing Israel to start a war against Lebanon. But Israel failed in its war, and the American dream of a New Middle East failed, as did Israel’s attempt to remove the weapons of the resistance. [Editor’s note: Hezbollah’s weapons are referred as weapons of the resistance] Finally the administration was successful among some parties, in transforming the Arab conflict into an Arab-Iranian conflict.

Ms. Rice makes shuttle visits to the region and the Palestinians are still under blockade. In addition she considers Gaza an enemy entity; therefore any American or Israeli hostile action is justified. This is how the Gaza area became the largest prison in the world including a million and a half Palestinians without any supply of food, water, fuel or electricity. In Iraq the killing is ongoing for scientists, thinkers, politicians and the multitudes of Iraqi people who are fleeing their land.

The Israeli Foreign Secretary, Livni, says that “Israel is a Jewish country and the Arabs have to recognize that. That means that the intended Palestinian state will be a solution to the Arabs of 1948.”

The last question is: Will the Annapolis conference be another success for the Zionist Bush administration through forcing the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state?

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