Hillary Clinton For “Bolsa Família” Program in Brazil

Hillary Clinton, in second to be the Democratic candidate for the General Elections in November, has good news for Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva–she will support the Bolsa Família Program (Family Grant Program) if she is elected.

The program is one of the most important social issues for Lula’s administration and Hillary considers it a priority to reduce the poverty in the continent. In her Latin America electoral platform, Hillary cites the necessity to reconstruct relationships between her country and other nations in the region.

“I will support programs that give power to families to reconstruct their own future, such as the “Bolsa Familia” Program from Brazil”, affirms the senator of New York. “We may also use this kind of idea to fight against poverty here, in our own home”, she added.

In the official documents in which Hillary Clinton mentions Brazil, there are four priorities: stimulate democratic governments in Latin America; contribute to reduce social inequality by 50% in the region by 2015; reduce climate change; and review the immigration law in the United States.

“It means she recognizes Brazilian importance and its social issues. Her support for the “Bolsa Família” Program shows governmental social programs are more criticized in Brazil than abroad”, affirms Cristina Pecequilo, doctor in International Politics from USP (University of Sao Paulo) and specialist in American elections.

If elected, the senator suggests the creation of the Social Investment Fund and the Americas Economic Development Fund, ideas supported by Lula since his first term.

“I will give the respect and attention Latin America deserves. I’ll work in collaboration with our partners in the region to reconstruct confidence in the United States and give real results to people in Latin America”, she affirms.

Hillary’s words are also strategic. Hispanic people already represent 15% of the American population and it is the most rapidly increasing group of voters in the United States.


The democrat senator’s goal is to change the relationship between the United States and other countries in the continent. Hillary Clinton strongly criticized the George W. Bush’s administration and affirmed hat Republican foreign policies were disastrous.

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