Iraq-The Price of Disorder

It’s already the debacle of the decade. The war in Iraq entered its sixth year on Wednesday and yet those to blame for this fiasco have not assumed responsibility. George Bush will give a speech at the Pentagon about “war against terrorism,” a theme that should leave a little room for self-criticism.

One says that intelligence includes acknowledging one’s errors. The Americans themselves estimate that from now on, up to 60% of the war [will be alone]. Practically none of the objectives has been obtained and the cost is catastrophic. 4,000 soldiers have already lost their lives in this conflict, along with 12,000 police and 80,000 Iraqi civilians. The chaos even reached certain denominations as this week saw the Cardinal of Mosul became a victim. In Baghdad, each community has barricaded itself in its on [section of the city] and waited to fight.

“The Iraqis have not known to build upon a decrease in violence by working towards reconciliation,” remarked a vexed American official this week. This poorly hidden judgment [shows] a desire to disengage [from the conflict]. But when? Not before having won the war, thundered the current Republican candidate for the white house, John McCain. Progressively, replied the democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton timidly.

No matter what they say, the process has started. 30,000 military personal will have left the country by July and negotiations with Iraqi authorities on the final withdrawal have already begun. [This is] because at a time of recession, the United States is less and less interested in this nightmare that has cost 300 billion dollars. Also, pushed to the limit of its military possibilities, and weakened as never before, do not miss any longer the chance to criticize the strategic choices made by the white house.

In changing presidents, the country would like to turn a new page quickly or else it is precisely the hour at which they will have to take responsibility for the mess [in Iraq].

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