The Last Months of George Bush…

America, a people in the midst of change. A people whose past has caught up with them.

For many years, with very few exceptions all Americans have followed their president.

All of the decisions of the President were accepted unquestionably by most of the citizens and upheld. Often without even thinking about what kind of effects certain decisions of the White House had on their own or on world politics.

America is proud, America is invulnerable and America is the leader in technology and in the economy.

In his heart, every American is a patriot.

Already in the first election of Bush in 2000, there were contradictions among the population against this president. The Bush family in America, next to the Kennedy’s, counts itself among the richest families with relationships in the highest economic circles. One spoke at that time already about corruption, nepotism, and cronyism. But the power of the family and above all money paved the way for George Walker Bush as President of the United States.

Then came September 11 2001. The horrible attack in New York and the World Trade Center, united all Americans to an (almost) unified opposition against Al-Qaeda and terror.

In the second election 2004, the opposition against Bush was even greater. The catastrophic electoral system and also the behavior of his brother Jeb Bush, governor of Florida, led George W. Bush once again to victory.

Many citizens, including prominent actors, protested before the White House and spoke openly about vote manipulation. Just as great of a sensation was caused by Michael Moore’s book “Stupid Man” where the “wheelings and dealings” of Bush government in all details were denounced.

The country of America divided itself in half regarding the opinion of the government. Firstly, there was an open resistance by citizens even from their own party members on the question of the war in Iraq. In addition, the behavior of the President in the Kyoto Protocol revealed its effect on the people, who in their own bodies have felt what effects C02 emission on the environment has. Tornados, floods, damages totaling in the billions, uncoordinated relief measures and deaths and injuries in the Iraq war. Many families in the United States have suffered and still suffer under the false decisions of “their president”.

The Americans, a friendly people, ready to help and proud of their country have awoken! Americans have grown up. They think, they develop their own opinions and want change.

No matter how!

Two years ago we discussed this politics with our American friends:

In the southern States, it held true:

“We never elect neither a woman nor a black man and military measures will disarm us.

Today people are more suppressed and ready to accept whatever vote will bring about a change.

One hopes that these people will make the right choice.

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