Fruit of the Loom Grows In El Salvador

The underwear fabric company, Fruit of the Loom, opened its sixth plant this year in El Salvador with an investment of $2.4 million. That implies the creation of 815 new jobs.

Right now, “we already have around 12,800 employees and we hope to end the year with more than 13,500 workers”, affirmed the general manager of the company, Jaime Guevara.

Raising Production

Right now the plant produces more than 460,000 stamped shirts that are exported to the United States and a small quantity to Europe. He added that the idea is to produce close to 1.2 million garments by the end of 2008.

The executive emphasized that they have been in El Salvador for 14 years and that there are possibilities of opening other plants of production in other areas of the country, provided that conditions and authorized government support are maintained.

“The conditions that they have provided us, the legal framework within which we have managed ourselves promotes our investment, and demonstrates why we have already been here in the country fourteen years, and the company’s intention is to continue here”, he commented.

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