Hillary Obama, the Perfect Candidate … in Belgium

The experience and the soundness of Hillary, combined with the enthusiasm and novelty of Obama. The revolution of a woman president of the strongest power of the world with the racial victory of a black?

This is probably the impossible dream of the democrats and the superdelegates — the representatives of the party in whose hands the nomination of the most agonizing presidential race in decades is in. What could perhaps be a good idea to overcome the dilemma (which is making the brilliant president of the democratic party quite impatient), would have a peculiar aesthetic result, according to the photo version of the two rivals that was perfectly blended at the University of Brussels.

“Why choose, when you can combine?” — said the announcement of the Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel (HUBrussel), a center of studies in Dutch and English, a center of studies for college — equivalent to a Spanish university, but shorter, and the University in the Anglo-Saxon feeling, but for masters, doctorates, and other specializations.

The HUB utilizes the support of the Catholic University of Lovaina, in Flanders, and is clearly Americanized, if not for its public interest, then for its academic approach and choice of languages. As a good Flemish center, the HUB doesn’t even offer its webpage in French — despite having its headquarters in the Belgian capital, the only official bilingual area of the country.

After all, for a Belgian, perhaps it’s easy to combine man and woman, black and white. But, cross-dressing has it’s insurmountable limits, as it seems is also the case with Dutch and French.

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