American Democracy Brings Only Destruction

U.S. President George W. Bush played the strings of democracy in the Middle East during his speech at the Davos Forum in Sharm El-Sheikh. This is despite the fact that American democracy has only created havoc and destruction wherever it has existed as it is not a democracy of justice or of freedom. President Bush’s speech did not focus on the Palestinian-Israeli situation or of the ways in which to achieve a peace agreement between the two sides before the end of his mandate.

The shift in President Bush’s priorities was clear in his strong tribute to the Jewish state, describing it as the homeland of the chosen people. He did not talk about the Palestinians, however he did announce that Israel will celebrate its 60th anniversary, clearly signaling his favoritism towards Israel. In Bush’s speech in Sharm el-Sheikh, and in his earlier one before the Israeli Knesset, there were clear signs that the Annapolis summit, during which he expressed his deep belief that the peace negotiations could reach an agreement, has passed into history. He focused, instead, on the importance of spreading democracy, widening the circle of freedom. This, we have already discussed, along with the wars Bush has waged under its umbrella. Democracy does not spread from abroad–it is a plant that grows in light of local conditions and environment.

The most important matter in the region now is peace. The beginning to this peace already exists with the Palestinians. The current situation does not allow lecturing on other issues, it does not have the proper lecture conditions, and it is currently not the best time to be biased towards Israel, which is politically supported by the Americans.

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