Unconditional Support–Hundreds of Hillary Clinton Supporters Manifest in Washington

Hundreds of Hillary Clinton supporters manifested today in the American capital to ask that the Florida and Michigan votes, penalized by the Democratic Party for moving up their primaries, be counted.

To the shouts of “count every vote” and “democracy now”, the protesters–many of them women–gathered during the early hours of the morning in front of a central hotel in Washington, where a party committee planned to decide today what to do with the votes of the two states.

The congregation was displaced later to a park in the capital. Clinton, who maintains a hard stance during almost the last six months for the Democratic Presidential candidature against the senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, has been the principle defender of including the delegates from Florida and Michigan.

Her campaign sustains that the inclusion of the primary results shall permit her to gain the popular vote, an argument that the senator from New York is brandishing to convince the party elite that she is the legitimate winner of the primary process that shall conclude on Tuesday in South Dakota and Montana.

The ex-American first lady won in Florida and Michigan and requested that “all” the delegates be counted, a request that is difficult to reach given that Obama’s name was not included on the ballot in Michigan.

Waiting for the decision, Fabiola Rodriguez, Hillary Clinton’s campaign communications director for the Hispanic market said today to EFE (Spanish News Agency) that “having arrived this far is already a victory for us.”

Outside of the hotel the march attracted an inflamed multitude from different parts of the country.

Among them was Elizabeth McNaughton, a ninety year old retired psychologist, that didn’t doubt throwing the suitcase over her shoulder and traveling from Houston to Washington to express her solidarity with Hillary and her cause.

“In the year I was born, 1918, it was the first year women could vote in Texas”, McNaughton said to EFE, who assured that it would please her to see “a woman in the White House.” McNaughton said being convinced beyond her gender, “Hillary is the best candidate” and lamented that in her opinion it is a negative campaign of American methods against Hillary, something that she attributes to “chauvinism.”

Shu Israel, a fifty year old Ethiopian immigrant that worked as a property consultant in Washington also considered that “in the U.S. it is always acceptable to be sexist. This explains the derision of Hillary, they make comments about her wrinkles, her physical appearance, and the clothing that she wears”, an indignant Israel explained to EFE who affirms that it is rare to hear comments of this type about Obama.

Tom Zidik, a fifty four year old laborer from Harrisburg avoided entering into themes of gender and insisted that what is important “is that the voters don’t pay for the decisions of the party leaders; that they penalize them and not the voters.”

The march also included a reduced presence of Obama defenders, as Keegan Schlake, a twenty five year old from Orlando, who simply considered it an “embarrassment” that his state doesn’t have representation.

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