Bush's Anger is Unwise and Inappropriate

Bush’s visit to the region, unwelcomed in the Arab street, just came to an end. We hope to God that it’s the last before his authority ends later this year. 2008 is the year that was featured in his dull address, all of which dealt with the Palestinian problem. Or rather, with the “Palestinian State,” that has apparently become reinstated and will exist side by side with Israel. It is as if he was paralyzing the Palestinians, or leading them into a wasteland, because his delusions are simply unachievable.

He came to increase the division between factions and to try to bolster the swindlers amongst those who are honest. This is he who has given up our lands which were already diminished at the invitation of our enemy. He came celebrating the existence of a renegade state, thief of Palestinian land. He came to provoke already miserable people’s feelings. He came and dined at the Arab tables which honored the guest. He came, with all impudence, to ask the Arabs to pump oil as he wants and as he sees fit for all, by which he serves first and last his interests and the interests of his ally, Israel. Bush boasted in his speech at the Knesset 60 years later that his country was the first to recognize Israel as a state. Indeed, he was impudent beyond all standards, and for these reasons and more he is reprehensible.

Bush departed after an unsuccessful visit in which many of his schemes and lies were exposed to both friends and enemies. As for the friend: France, strongest of allies, proud of its ties to America, has angered him on his way home to America. The news came that Paris established contacts with the Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine, Hamas, whom America and Israel blame for unleashing terrorism on the world. Oddly, America, in its muddled diplomacy, has always described these contacts as “unwise and inappropriate.” This is America, as if it were the wise one, giving its opinions about things that are not its concern, trying to keep Europe under the cap of a Texas boy – and note that I say cap and not “aba,” a word for Arab cloak that symbolizes Arab identity. America does not want Europe to draw near the Arabs with Hamas still in the picture, and has resolved to keep Hamas blockaded in Gaza. It’s trying to weaken or kill Hamas, along with the people there who suffer from hunger and disease before the very eyes of the “civilized” world.

Bush claims that he is determined to create a free Palestinian state before the year is up, but the truth is that he is afraid that other countries, like France for example, will attempt to surmount the obstacles facing the state and stand up for Palestinian insistence on the right of return to a free and autonomous land. Does Bush really want a return to the 1967 borders? For he has established that the mere possibility of talks with Hamas, reaching out to the dawn of consensus of the Palestinian people, will be considered “unwise and inappropriate” actions.

Neither Hamas nor France denies their contact, and they are not yet negotiating partners, therefore their actions should be considered proper. They are paving a peaceful way before beginning the negotiations that will give France a not-insignificant foundation to outweigh America’s hegemony over enchanted Europe, which already diminishes with America because of the starving out of the Palestinian people. Of course, America knows that other European countries have contacts with Hamas, but the time is not suitable for annoyance at them, as America is no longer lord of the house.

Israel is not satisfied, of course, and knows what is coming. It will no longer be able to conduct occupation activities, but will return to its hateful attacks on the Gaza strip. These are its aims, which it announced right in between Bush distributing kisses and dancing on the martyrs’ graves.

Yes, Bush knows that there will truly be no establishment of a Palestinian state in his time, and moreover he doesn’t what anyone else to establish it. He has promised a piece of it for himself and a gift of the rest to Israel, in full knowledge that this is theft of Palestinian land, full of people who will not leave their country nor lose their commitment to it. Bush will persist in his anger at those who attempt to make peace with him and with Hamas, or at any other who sees that, after 60 years, the time is appropriate and contacts are wise. We pray to God that this stirring will be the beginning of growing anger at Bush, before the final departure.

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