The Oldest Voter GivesHer Vote to Obama

Her name is Cecilia and she’s a 106-year-old nun who lives in a convent in Rome. Twenty days before the United States presidential election, Sister Cecilia has become, safely kept, one of the oldest admirers of the candidate Barack Obama.

This religious woman, born in New Hampshire on March 25th, 1902, is still registered with the board of elections of Manchester, New Hampshire. Maria Josephine Clarisse Gaudette, her real name, hasn’t kept it quiet that her vote, sent by mail this past Sunday, is going directly for Obama. “Yes, I’ve voted for Obama,” she revealed Saturday during an interview with the BBC.

“I’ve never met him, but he seems to be a good man with a good private life. That’s the first thing,” said the religious centenarian. She proudly wears a button promoting the senator from Illinois, and she doesn’t hold back from talking down Sarah Palin, the candidate for vice-president running with the Republican John McCain.

“Obama Will Win”

“Politics doesn’t really interest me, but I believe that women should be at home, taking care of the kids and the family. They shouldn’t be thinking about trying to make a run for the White House. That’s why I like Obama, because his wife, Michelle, is a housewife who only thinks about raising their two daughters.”

Sister Cecilia doesn’t doubt that Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States. “The only other time I voted before now was when I participated in the election of 1952, when I voted for the Republican Eisenhower. Ike won thanks to my vote. And the same thing will happen with Obama,” she said, with certainty. She also said that if Obama wins the presidency, the first thing he should do is give thanks to God. And put an end to the Iraq war.

Even though she is a bit deaf, she keeps up-to-date with current events through the Italian media, television and the Internet, which she makes use of to keep in touch with people close to her and used to register online in order to be able to vote in the American presidential election.

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