Republicans' Un-American Trick

Proofed by Robin Koerner

Republican Congress Representative Michele Bachmann from Minnesota recently claimed that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was an “Un-American” on a TV show.

The term “Un-American” became world-famous since 50 years ago, when McCarthy led a nationwide anti-Communist action. The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) was set up to investigate any subversive activities among those with suspected Communist background or holding left-wing views.

Since then, supporters of socialism have been labeled as “Un-American” or “Anti-American”. This idea was deeply planted in the minds of the American general public throughout the subsequent decades, though the White Terror ended and Communism was no longer recognized as the primary threat of the U.S.

To deal with a current disadvantageous situation in the presidential race, Republican candidate John McCain’s naming his opponent Obama a Socialist became a recent strategy. Throughout past decades, a core strategy of the Republican Party has always been to label opponents as “Un-American” or “fake Americans”.

Under such a strategy, the focus of the presidential election is no longer a choice between which of the two candidates has a better policy direction but rather, with who has the genuine identity of an American. Therefore, McCain did not respond directly to any of Obama’s medical insurance policy or tax proposals. Instead, under right-wing logic, he claimed stressed increases in tax and welfare were Big Government policies. Furthermore, he suggested that Obama is a Socialist.

Today, terrorism is undoubtedly the primary threat in the back of the minds of the U.S. public. Unsurprisingly, the Republican Party has accused Obama of associating with a suspected terrorist. It is the same old trick of the Republicans – to associate their rival with the utmost fears of American voters.

The outcome of this strategy may not be as favorable as half a century ago, but certainly we cannot ignore the effect it may have on the U.S. public. A total of 23 times have people reportedly shouted “Kill him!” when Barack Obama was mentioned in Republican election rallies.

To some Americans, it will be the end of the word if “Un-American” Obama is elected as president. In view of this, the “Un-American trick” is not only a right-wing campaign strategy, but also an opportunity for people to understand a certain type of “Real American”.

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