U.S. Drone Strike America’s Introductory Gift to Pakistan?

After the Obama administration took charge, many in Pakistan were of the view that the American drone strikes on the tribal region of Pakistan would come to an end. Further, the demands to stop the drone strikes, which were causing major setbacks in bringing normalcy to the region, would be valued. However, the two simultaneous drone strikes on southern and northern Waziristan have clarified the Obama administration’s current policy, which was compiled by the Bush administration, regarding the tribal regions of Pakistan will be the same.

According to many, the attacks on northern and southern Waziristan and the 22 dead were the Obama administration’s introductory gifts to Pakistan.

It is the high time for Pakistani leadership to openly clarify the point that in the case of further strikes on the tribal region, the Pakistani forces will have to be pulled from the tribal region and Swat district. These attacks are an open attack to the integrity and the sovereignty of Pakistan. If the Pakistani leadership compromises on this, then there will be an obvious increase of Talibanization in Pakistan. Currently, a major portion of Swat is already under the control of rebels and if the drone strikes continue, the Taliban will succeed in strengthening their holds on other districts of the state of Sarhad. And it is possible that, in the end, America will leave us alone in a quagmire and extract herself easily from the situation, as she is doing in Iraq. This would, consequently, result in our paying heavily for the situation, not only during our generation, but the next generation will have to as well. The Pakistani leadership should strongly protest directly to Barrack Hussein Obama. When Richard Holbrooke arrives in Pakistan, the leadership should present their reservations before him.

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