U.S. Ambassador Negotiates U.S. and Peru Meeting

The ambassador of Peru in Washington, Luis Valdivieso, announced that upon taking the presentation of that diplomatic seat he will negotiate a meeting between the presidents of Peru and the United States.

The intention, he said, is that both leaders hold a meeting in Washington, or in Lima, in order to have a dialogue about the bilateral relationship and the future challenges of the Peru-United States relationship.

“The idea is to initiate the negotiations for the visit of President García to the United States or, alternatively, of President Barack Obama to Peru,” he stated.

Nevertheless, he mentioned that this objective could be delayed a bit due to the fact that President Obama and the Democratic administration have recently assumed command in January.

He related that, as corresponds, the aforementioned negotiations are the responsibility of the Peruvian embassy in Washington.

Valdivieso remarked that during his management at the front of the Peruvian Embassy, he will seek to “study more in in-depth” the fact that Peru is not only a “trustworthy partner” for the United States, but also a shelter country for North American and international capital in general.

He said that this situation will improve with the coming into effect of the bilateral free trade agreement from the first of February.

“It is very important to spread the kindness and the fortitude that Peru and Peruvian society has; that it is a good partner, a shelter country for capital, those which will permit to help, as a supplement to our internal saving and in that manner advance in the objectives put forth as a nation,” he pointed out.

The designated ambassador insisted that he will seek, amongst other topics, to consolidate “very good relations” with the United States and extend the North American collaboration of the fight against drugs to combat organized crime.

Likewise, that during his management at the head of the Peruvian Embassy in Washington, he will seek for Peru to make the most of the benefits of this good relationship in other topics like technology, knowledge and cultural relations.

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