Castro: Should We Wait for the U.S. to Drop the Blockade?

New charge against Obama

The Cuban dictator predicts the new change in America will be an “absolute failure” if Obama does not lift the economic and financial embargo that weighs on the island. The Cuban dictator pointed out that already 10 presidents have been in office and none of them did anything regarding the matter. Also, he brought up the words of his brother Raúl Castro with respect to the political prisoners on the island: Obama “misunderstood Raúl,” said Fidel.

In his column “Reflections,” published in the pro-government newspaper Granma, Fidel Castro again proclaimed the need for the United States lift the economic and financial embargo that has hindered the island since 1962.

“Should we wait so many years for the U.S, to drop the blockade?” the 82-year-old Cuban dictator said. “Obama did not create it, but each of the previous 10 presidents all did the same. It can be predicted that through this path it will be a sure failure like the rest of his predecessors.”

According to Castro’s article, when Obama was reminded that five years ago it was he who asked for the lifting of the embargo, he responded: “Well, 2004 seems like it is a thousand years ago. What was I doing in 2004?”

“Change is unavoidable.” The dictator pointed out that he has managed Cuba for 50 years. He continued his rhetoric, saying, “there will not be thousands of years of waiting, only eight years before another President will take office with a more reinforced and more modern helicopter and a more sophisticated plane, undoubtedly less intelligent, promising and admired, to take the position at the head of the United States,” pointed out Castro.

The dictator also seized the opportunity again to relate the words of his brother Raúl days before, when he referred to the possibility of speaking “of all the subject matters” in Cuba including the political prisoners.

He “misunderstood him” said Fidel with respect to the possibility of freeing the tens and hundreds of the prisoners on the island since 2003. Clearly “Cuba does not fear to undertake any type of matter, but only with detailed explanations,” pointed out Fidel. His explanation ends speculation of the possibly that, with Obama’s arrival, the island can relax its state. Cuba has been the same Cuba for 50 years, and Castro is the leader, but he is far from being democratic.

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