No One Believes Obama!

Political analysts described U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to the Middle East and his speech at Cairo University as historic, changing the opinion and the electoral mood in the region, especially as his visit coincided with the upcoming elections in Lebanon and Iran.

When resistance forces were defeated in Lebanon, political analysts attributed that to the impact of Obama’s speech, but kept silent when Ahmadinejad won in Iran. These political and strategic analysts are employing the typical practice of modifying their analysis at every moment. Indeed, the politicians wrote their strategies with a pencil that can write and erase whenever they want to modify the views. In the past, the plans and analyses were considered holy writ, untouchable and unchangeable for a long time – for more than 30 years.

Obama broke the outer appearance of many things, including the hard-line, marble strategy to become moldable like the clay, flexible and rubbery enough to adjust to global change. No one believes Obama when he reaches out to Islam and the Middle East; no one among the populations of the Gulf, the Mediterranean, Africa or the Arabian Sea. Only the politicians, journalists and mapmakers of Israel believe that he was serious in what he said about the two states. America will not be economically or politically stable or without wars and hatred until the issue of the Middle East is resolved on the principle of two states, Palestine and Israel. Obama learned that America’s economy began to falter and fall apart because of the economic shock and the wars in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan and now Pakistan, Iran and North Korea may become additional hot fronts.

Israel now realizes the truth more than others, and there are atlases, maps and an amendment to the route of the separation wall. The two-state solution is seriously starting to take shape and become a U.S. interest now more than ever. The American economy will not recover in the shade of the destruction and open wounds in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan and that the Taliban will remain the Taliban in any part of the land that is not compatible with the U.S. Even countries or organizations in South America are classified as being with the Taliban regime.

As for Netanyahu’s speech on Sunday night concerning the Jewish state of Israel, the rejections of refugees and Jerusalem and Palestinian arms, this speech will be empty of its meaning if the Arabs can present a project that directly opposes it.

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  1. Obama could care less about the Middle East. His goal for the middle east is to keep it at a slow burn, if possible, so he can focus on his domestic Socialist agenda of destroying American Capitalism. In the end, its unlikely he’ll accomplish either, though substantial damage is unavoidable.

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