Obama, the American Friend

The American friend shows itself and becomes tangible. Welcome Mr. Marshal; come, but stay for just a while. The time of Yankee arrogance, of the selfish friend who makes you feel useless is over. A combination of stars has made possible to send a torrent of positive energy to Spain. Obama in the U.S. and Zapatero in our bull’s skin have coincided in time and space. The perfect austral set. The nightmare of the American friend from the Bush administration has come to an end, that selfish friendship, the giving without waiting for anything in return, the planting to get nothing from it.

Now things are different; Spain is a power with its own weight that sits side by side at the top with the most powerful countries in the planet. Spain rubs elbows with the best, among them the United States. Now the relations are bilaterally balanced. Zapatero has made his friend Obama put us on the world map with a nailed red thumbtack in our bull skin. And the times when we gave to the Americans in exchange for anything is over. Zapatero has put things in place; to each its own and what belongs to us, the very thing that has been denied by our American friend. We have stopped being the son of a minor American god. The giving is over and the getting is coming. Zapatero has performed a miracle: for the first time in history, the United States has given us something in exchange for nothing with no expected considerations or mortgages. It’s the first time we have received something for free from the American friend since the postwar powder milk. Obama, Zapatero’s friend, constellation companion, presents and sends us four Guantanomo prisoners, packed up in a diplomatic suitcase for free and asking for nothing in return. It is the beginning of a long friendship.

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