Counting Punch Card Votes Was Fun

Former President George W. Bush is writing his memoirs. He has a phenomenal memory and can recall most television images. His German publisher welcomes this new entry into the field of fantasy literature.

George W. Bush’s memories of his term in office are to be made public in November. His memoirs will contain the fourteen most difficult decisions he ever faced, as well as his recollections about his struggles with Christian faith and alcoholism.

Thirteen of the fourteen difficult decisions he encountered had to do with whether or not to have a drink. According to rumors, a team of translators is busy translating his book from the original Methodist into Texan. Another rumor claims that the majority of his book will be translated into sign language because it is unusually expressive and rich in gestures.

George W. vividly remembers every detail of the television images of 9/11 and how he declared war on Osama Bin Laden. He also hasn’t forgotten precious little trifles like his reelection in 2004 and the humorous punch card counting carried out by his brother Jeb.

The German publisher welcomes this new work of fantasy literature but regrets that it wasn’t a vampire novel. In spite of that, he plans to title the translation “Bush At Night’s End.”

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