State of New York Allows Same-Sex Marriage

The state of New York became the sixth state in the U.S. to allow same-sex marriage. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the amendments unanimously approved by the State Senate earlier, reported the site Channel 24.

A month before the law will come into force, the state is expecting a real invasion of same-sex marriages. Gays and lesbians are ecstatic over the breakthrough in the fight for their rights.

“I am going to get married in the next year. I guarantee it. I am going to get engaged and I am going to enjoy my civil liberty as a woman to get married to a woman because I can and because I am in love and I should be able to do that,” said Ali Annunziato, who is a lesbian.

We remind that, based on the results of a poll conducted by the Gorshenin Institute on the subject of “Morality in Ukraine,” 72 percent of Ukrainians feel negatively about the representatives of sexual minorities. Of them, 57.5 percent chose the answer “completely negatively,” and 14.5 percent — “rather negatively” on this issue. 13 percent of the polled feel positively about this group of citizens. Among them “rather positively” — 10 percent, “completely positively” — 3 percent. 15 percent of responders had difficulty answering this question.

At the same time, 60.2 percent of Ukrainians consider the level of social morality to be low. Almost a third of polled — 29.4 percent — would characterize it as average, and only 2.1 percent of Ukrainians consider the current level of morality in our society to be high. Slightly more than eight percent of responders had difficulty answering this question.

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