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It was assumed that the Iraqi people would rejoice when the brutal occupation left their land, and many hoped that this historic day would reveal a ray of sunlight long absent from the lives of the Iraqis. It was to be a great day not just for the Arabs, but for all nations in the world. Indeed, what happened in Iraq is among the best achievements on the local, Arab and international levels.

It is in fact the highest achievement in every sense of the word! If I wanted to nominate the best world event of 2011, it would certainly not be the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, for the end of the occupation was inevitable. Under the pressures of Israeli globalization and the Anglo-American excuses to plunder the country and extend the influence of colonialism, they used the guise of pluralistic liberties, democratization and slogans of international counterterrorism to oppress this country under the roar of tanks and military fire from dawn till dusk. This is precisely what happened in Iraq!

After destroying the country’s civil and military infrastructure, killing morale and planting sectarian strife among the people, it is difficult for Iraq to end the tyranny of this occupation and expel it beyond its borders. In fact, this never happened! For the Iraqi resistance has been lying in wait — and not necessarily the military uprising, but also a political uprising hostile to the occupation — in order to join forces and remove the occupiers during the agreed period of time. It was at this time that they prepared a victory for the people and both resistances. It is also considered a failure and a humiliating defeat to the occupation with its material potential and advanced military arsenal. This defeat was shot through the occupations legs incurring heavy and uncountable losses. It has been an unforgettable setback for the past several years.

All of this and more compel the U.S. administration as well as British and Israeli allies to put a stop to happiness in the eyes of the Iraqis, stopping it in its tracks before it spreads to their homes and the streets and forces the alliance to withdraw their media cover that is hiding their betrayal, which caused the new political crisis between sides and completes the violation of international standards against the Iraqi people, against their bodies and spirits.

It was Obama who spoiled their joy. Hours separated the joy of the withdrawal and the sadness of ruin, the devastation of the political process and nation-building in the case of Vice President Tariq al-Hashemi. It had implications on the Iraqi streets, which drew out the devastation and the civilian lives that were lost in the morning when the sun allegedly rose smiling over Mesopotamia, rather than radiating anemic hope for security and political stability, was stained red with the blood shed on the nation’s soil.

Obama lifted the fork that held the hands of the Iraqi resistance in the eyes of the U.S. administration and stabbed the government and the decaying body of the country, setting its components in a political battle against each other in a valley. The political rivalries are floating to the surface again, stronger than ever, armed with mutual accusations against powerful leaders in the state and the Iraqi streets, boiling because of the volatile political situation, which resulted in explosions targeting groups of people who have been terrified that the situation was returning to the way it was before: The defense is deteriorating to nothing or having to return to the occupiers – despite the formal gains of the citizens — and it will certainly return in a different guise, but possibly stronger and more detrimental.

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  1. Very interesting article with many good points. Unfortunately, due to the anti-semitism, no one will pay any attention. Blaming Jews for the Christian invasion and occupation of Iraq is beyond ridiculous. Israel strongly advised the US not to violate international law and invade a sovereign country that was no threat to the Christians in the UK and the US. Israel did not support the occupation in any way, as dozens of Christian countries around the world did. Jews remain the only people in the world truly committed to fighting imperialism, and Israel is one of the very, very few countries in the world that is willing to stand up and fight for civil and human rights. It is unfortunate that the violence of the anti-semites has forced Israel to defend itself and to stand up for international law, but they have no choice. But to suggest that they support American imperialism and terrorism in any way is nothing but a lie.

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