The Role of the Zionist Tentacles in the Western Media

The media began as a force of enlightenment, but in most cases it has become something destructive. Media companies fill their time with abortive speech and don’t stop to re-examine the hazardous events committed against humanity. The media moguls believe, or rather fantasize, that they are an indispensable tool for mankind to discover what’s going on around him and what problems lay lurking in the future.

Truly, a majority of the people in the world don’t subscribe to what comes out of the media — particularly the Western media. They don’t care what these outlets write or fabricate, and they are happy to focus on the bigger, more irritating sorrows and troubles of our time. Most people effectively reject the negative and are not in the position of the minority who stay glued to their screens, radio stations and other media which causes greater spiritual and psychological distancing by the incessant, hypnotic, brainwashing assault upon the human consciousness. Interestingly, the destructive role played by the Western media perpetuates the myth of its superiority and arrogance. In addition, there is the deceptive Zionist element that dominates the media, directing its course and keeping a great deal of information away from the people who need it.

We have been living through a period of intense, naïve suspicion exemplified by the Western media. But if we retain the smidgeon of freedom which the media prides itself upon then when the facts are revealed to us and the fog of naiveté has lifted, we begin to realize how the Western media is imprisoned by the self-interests of its owners. The media does not verify the views or coverage it presents, proving that it is neither free nor democratic. In this world, freedom of the press is still qualified — if it exists at all. Free press in the Western world is meaningless, despite the rare exceptions that appear suddenly and quickly disappear. In the United Kingdom, for example, allegedly the land with the fullest form of contemporary democracy, partisan journalism is seen more and more as each destructive idea confirms the absence of civil democratic sensibility.

In the United Kingdom, where the concept of freedom of the press originated, there exists shameful journalism and readers of such journalism that uses words and phrases of vulgarity and profanity which are not uttered even in the most degenerate societies. This side of the media’s image in the “first democratic” country is hardly much different from that of the United States, where the markets vie to buy larger and larger prestigious newspapers. Agents employed by foreign countries infiltrate these markets to preserve the image of their leaders from political and economic defilements by publishing articles and by paying off newspapers that would expose what lies in the shadows of Western countries.

It has become abundantly clear that the influential Zionist tentacles have infiltrated both the U.S. and British media outlets to perpetuate their existence. They use the media as a corrupt army to blur the facts, agitate readers, blackmail successive governments and threaten wealthy corporations. They pervert the media to trade the people’s issues for their own prosperity; they abuse humanity and moral values. There is no doubt that they distort the image of Arab issues in Western public opinion, particularly in the case of Palestine. The overwhelming dominance of the Zionist media octopus influences the Western media and controls their financial and moral decisions. Some may have become aware of how seriously this dominance alters their positions, but the Zionist tentacles, which spread lies and falsify the facts, still imprison the collective consciousness.

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