America's Chemical Crimes Against the Peoples of the World!?

The U.S. is still the country dominating the production of chemical and nuclear weapons, which have been used in most of its wars against countries near and far. It is the deadly danger threatening the security of peace and freedom-loving countries and their citizens.

The murder and environmental destruction (burning crops and agriculture) committed by America and its allies in their so-called wars only confirm the country’s hostility toward mankind. It has committed war crimes against the peoples of the world in Vietnam, Hiroshima, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

The barbaric massacres that it commits in Syria by supplying its collaborators and mercenaries with internationally prohibited sarin gas is the biggest testament to its active involvement in the use of chemical weapons and in burning the earth and people. Its involvement has been proven by facts on the ground in the countries afflicted by America’s chemical and nuclear attacks, where men, women and children have had their faces disfigured and their bodies burned by this American plague coming from the West.

American forces used chemical weapons in the cities of Fallujah, Baghdad, Najaf, Anbar and Safwan during the war on Iraq. The use of white phosphorus and a mixture of white phosphorus and a highly explosive substance (effective ammunition and a powerful psychological weapon against the brave Iraqi resistance fighting in the trenches) has been documented and proven. White phosphorus melts the skin and causes burns that are usually deep and numerous. The particles continue to burn unless the flesh is deprived of oxygen in the atmosphere. It can burn all the way to the bone. Furthermore, it oxidizes, producing phosphorus pentoxide smoke, which severely burns its surroundings and permanently damages the eyes.

America has ignored the documented accusations of using white phosphorous bombs and violating mankind and the environment that have been leveled against its Department of Defense, even though they have been proven by the Army’s periodic reports and even though it acknowledged that it has used napalm in Iraq. The former defense secretary even responded [to a question] by saying that “a substance similar to napalm was used by the coalition forces in Iraq both during the fighting phase of the war and afterward. Specifically, [there have been] reports of the use of incendiary shells by U.S. Marines around the bridges on the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and the Saddam Channel on the road to Baghdad.”* The leader of Seal Group 11 acknowledged that up to 77 poison incendiary bombs were used in the city of Safwan on the Kuwaiti border.

In the Gulf in 1991, the U.S. used 400 of its 500,000 tons of enriched uranium on parts of Iraq by firing thousands of depleted uranium bullets and tank and artillery shells, and dropping millions of bombs. It is well known that 697,000 American soldiers participated in the 1991 Gulf War against Iraq and that 250,000 — around a third — have been classified as having “Gulf War Syndrome,” a group of chronic symptoms that are not medically explainable. They can include fatigue, headaches, joint pain, indigestion, insomnia, dizziness, disorders of the respiratory system, memory problems, cognitive problems, rashes, diarrhea and tumors.

The astonishing thing is that the U.N. Environment Program estimates that the U.S. used between 1,000 and 2,000 tons of enriched uranium during the 2003 war on Iraq; this is believed to be only a very small part of America’s stockpile. That figure matches the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s report stating that the Pentagon and the United Nations estimate that the American and British forces used between 1,100 and 2,200 tons of armor-piercing projectiles made from enriched uranium in the attacks on Iraq, much more than the 375 tons used in the 1991 Gulf War.

In Libya, the U.S. and NATO used large amounts of enriched uranium and poison gas (sarin) in Benghazi, Bani Walid and Misrata. The details of the bombing of Libya with enriched uranium and thundering bombs that vibrated the brains of soldiers in the battlefields confirm what these criminals have done on Libya’s Arab ground. The Post provides Arab readers with astonishing facts regarding the use of chemical weapons by America and its allies in Libyan cities against the Libyan people on their ground in their country.

Similarly, America’s chemical warfare has had a huge effect on the environment in the countries afflicted by the country’s aggression. Looking back at the last century’s wars and their destructive footprint on the environment, we must point to the United States’ war in Vietnam. During years of bombing, the United States used conventional bombs and herbicides intended to strip vast areas of foliage to improve the American forces’ chances of tracking the Vietnamese resistance in dense jungles. These herbicides had a direct effect on the ecosystem in the places in which they were used.

The U.S. has acknowledged that the Afghanistan war cost it 150,000 tons of depleted uranium projectiles and 200,000 tons of tank-buster incendiaries. Likewise, Britain has acknowledged that it used 800,000 uranium shells in the attacks on Kabul and other cities that were acting as a stronghold of Taliban groups. This affected the environment in Afghanistan, turning it into a barren, uncultivable land.

Even worse, the U.S. continues to guard Israel’s chemical arsenal. Israel began producing nuclear and chemical weapons in 1973. This was revealed by American intelligence documents contending that Israeli has possessed an arsenal of chemical weapons since the 1980s. Foreign Policy, an American website, traces Israel’s production of chemical weapons back to the aftermath of the October 1973 war. These weapons include the nerve gas sarin, of which Israel possesses large quantities.

Hence, we find that the U.S. possesses the largest chemical stockpile in the world, which it has used to help its collaborators — al-Qaida, mercenaries, thieves and bandits — to strike the world’s liberation movements. What is happening in Arab Syria today — the assembly of the world’s mercenaries to destroy the Syrian state and murder its people with American, European, Israeli and Arab chemicals — is the greatest evidence of America’s desire to exterminate the world’s peoples. It desires this because it is the enemy of democracy, freedom and human rights. Likewise, the only purpose of America’s accusation that Syria has used chemical weapons in its ongoing war against terrorism is to have the world overlook the crimes that the former has committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, Japan and Vietnam and the threat it poses to the peace-loving peoples of the world.

* Editor’s Note: This quote, accurately translated, could not be verified.

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