Obama the Worst in Arab History

Since the initial brightness of the United States of America, when it began leading the world in the middle of the last century, the Arab world has not seen a worse president than current U.S. President Barack Obama. The Arab world has seen disgusting things during this president’s administration. There have been tens of thousands of Arabs killed in Syria by all kinds of conventional and nonconventional weapons, in crimes that international groups disregarded because the agreements were only internal to Syria. Also, it has been years since the world witnessed dozens of refugees, among them women and children, freezing in the cold and frost in camps, including those of the United Nations, that not even international humanitarian organizations could stop, as is now happening in Syria.

Even in the Six Day War (June 5, 1967), a resounding fiasco in which the Arabs were defeated, the U.S. did not oppose Resolution 242 in the U.N. Security Council, which preserved our rights and prevented more Arab bloodshed. One of the processes was the dislocation of huge numbers of Palestinians. However, Obama, who is the first president of a racial minority in America, has shocked the Arabs with how he harms them. Obama, of imperial American heritage evident in the way it dominates, wants to direct with ideas — a new isolationism — or by controlling the world without levying taxes and undertaking humanitarian duties. This idea is represented in the illusions of the “hippie” movement and is opposed even to the killing of whales! The reality is that the world is a place with dangers that need to be fought, but he wants to have comfort with his fortune and leadership. The logic and thinking of groups of volunteers from the neighborhoods of South Chicago are not appropriate for the administration’s problems and challenges in the world.

The tragic thing is that this consciousness and morality allow Obama to ignore certain problems, such as the terrible pictures of Syrians killed by chemical weapons in Ghota. In his speeches, he promises that these crimes against humanity will not pass without punishment, while [at the same time] Secretary of State John Kerry makes deals with Russia to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons — to give security to Israel and Europeans across the Mediterranean Sea — in exchange for allowing the Syrian government to avoid penalties. This all paves the way for other deals with the Iranians regarding Syria, in exchange for the dismantling of the Iranian nuclear program. Former U.S. President George Bush, the senior, did not allow the human catastrophe in Somalia to pass without intervening. Likewise, Bill Clinton intervened after the Srebrenica massacre in Bosnia and Herzegovina despite strong opposition from Russia.

The strongest U.S. president in the fight for neutralizing international control on the Middle Eastern energy market, Obama was satisfied in calling for the spread of modern shale gas technologies to be realized in China, India and other countries in a speech. Even though Obama’s words in Cairo spoke to the Arab world after he was first elected in 2008, he has not shown dedication; we do not see results regarding the main issue in the region, that of the Palestinians.

It seems that President Obama’s actions are academic. He applies some of the approaches of isolationism, which prevails in America through those who have fought similar ideas about Sweden and Switzerland, yet want, at the same time, to rule the world and enjoy its favor. What keeps recurring resembles the actions of the United Kingdom and France toward Adolf Hitler at the beginning of the last century; the result then was an international catastrophe because of overlooked criminal actions. Therefore, this humanitarian catastrophe that the Syrians now face is at the heart of the Arab East. The sectarian clashes inflame some of the major groups in the region and world. The tragedy for children and women are the crimes against humanity occurring in the Levant. Also, Washington’s agreements with Moscow and Tehran have provoked the movements and confrontations with extremists following the desperate situation with international groups. These carry humanitarian and historical consequences, which go back to President Barack Hussein Obama personally.

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