Since It Is ‘Worthless’

After U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry proposed to occupied Palestine the framework agreement, which is seen as “worthless” by the PLO leadership, why did [the PLO] not reject the agreement explicitly? Why not resort to an alternative strategy? Or does none exist?

The secretary of the executive committee of the PLO, Yasser Abed Rabbo, submitted that “the framework agreement restricts Palestinian sovereignty on Palestinian land” and that it is just a “worthless” piece of paper. This prompts many to wonder about Palestine’s next step and whether it will be taken quickly so that Kerry will hear with his own ears the response to his ragged proposal — a paper that demonstrates complete bias toward the will of the occupiers — and will stop this unprecedented tampering by the U.S. under the guise of mediation.

Since [the agreement] is worthless, one should not expect to deal with it or heed its elements. Since it is worthless, there must be a ready and clear response not subject to interpretation. Since it is worthless, then so is the settlement process that has continued for more than 10 years and has been Washington’s way of buying time at the expense of Palestinian rights.

The framework agreement described in the statements of all parties does not need to be published or circulated in the media. The title meets the dictates of “Israel,” prolongs the give and take, and does not reach any form of agreement. Therefore, what is reflected in the settlement process since it began a few months ago does not acknowledge the following elements: unprecedented settlement expansion and escalating Jewish attacks in Jerusalem and Sharif; and the continuation and escalation of crimes committed by occupiers, soldiers and extremist settlers on a daily basis against all of Palestine.

The agreement is weak, ambiguous and highly biased. It reveals in its most important aspects how the U.S. has declined on more than one level. In the past, Washington has been subject to the dictates of the Jewish entity, but it has also at times dictated to [Israel]. But it is now clear that the Obama administration is unable to impose internal order and stare its ally in the face. Lobbies and special interests extort the American decision-making process from the bottom to the top.

The expected response is clear and explicit. Rejection would leave no room for Kerry and the administration to maneuver or gain more time. The unmistakably racist entity and organized terrorists are responsible for more crimes under the guise of negotiation. It is necessary that the taboo of negotiating about the occupation be lifted and other parties be brought in, though it is certain Washington will not be one of them.

The successive government entities have benefited from American bias, and Washington’s involvement in the settlement process has placated them and met their goals. It is certain that the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, which includes the most radical terrorists, will be not only a repeat of the evil but rather even worse than before. They will not move in any direction except toward those that foster Zionism and its goals.

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