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Right now, Apple is teaching the entire cellphone industry a lesson. The American company is acting amazingly conservatively in matters concerning the iPhone, and yet its profits are still increasing.

Right now, Apple is teaching the entire cellphone industry a lesson. Since unveiling the iPhone almost exactly seven years ago, the American company has acted amazingly conservatively. It has not done anything but develop the device a little bit further every year. The consequence: The smartphone is falling behind its competition’s devices. But the iPhone is still the most expensive device on the market. Apple is even succeeding in increasing its sales in the tightly contested European market.

How is that possible? Of course, image plays an important role, but it is no coincidence. Design, functionality, and the interplay between hardware and add-ons are exemplary. This is very important in the cellphone world because there are always better, more complex applications for smartphones. These apps increase the demand for reliability — especially as smart cellphones become a more and more common part of almost every life circumstance.

If its competitors take to heart what Apple is teaching them, they will build sturdier devices in the future that are easier to operate. By doing so, all smartphones would benefit from Apple’s success. Ideally, even iPhone developers could be forced to innovate more quickly.

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