Foley’s Beheading Is the Last Nail in the Coffin of Obama’s Presidency

Barack Obama, who in January 2009 took the office of President of the United States of America, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize with the explanation: “For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Obama has promised to withdraw from unilateral policies that will not only attend to the interests of the United States, but also the interests of the whole world.

He cheated.

But, to be honest, it should be noted that neither Obama nor his administration liked this award. They even went so far as to file a complaint to the Norwegian ambassador in the United States — it is known that the Nobel Prize is not delivered by the Swedish, but the Norwegian Nobel committee.

Morten Wetland, Ambassador of Norway to the United Nations, described the dissatisfaction to the agency France-Presse: “My most embarrassing day at the U.N., at the time when I was Norway’s ambassador there, was when Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize was announced. Nobody was talking about it.” He went on to say, “My colleague in Washington received a reprimand from Obama’s chief of staff [Rahn Emmanuel]. The word ‘fawning’ was used.”

Therefore, President Barack Obama did not even have the intention to “abandon unilateral foreign policy.” A man who does not consider the United States to be the main country on the planet — a country that acts solely in its own interests — never would have become its president.

The Nobel committee made a mistake, which is today, five years later, clearer than ever. Libya has disintegrated. Egypt lives under military rule after two coups. Afghanistan failed to build an independent state. Supporting the “opposition” in Syria led to disaster in Iraq. And finally, the greatest foreign policy achievements of a Nobel Prize winner have been a coup and civil war in a large European country.

Barack Obama doesn’t have it easy at all. The midterm congressional election, whose results will slowly alter the situation surrounding the 2016 presidential election, is being held in November. Obama has practically no time to help out his party; for several months his approval rating has been falling, and now stands at 40 percent.

Americans don’t like what Israel is doing in Gaza, something which has open support from the Obama administration. Americans are concerned about what is happening in the city of Ferguson, where police have brutally suppressed protests from the black population; the population which is criticizing the police for killing a minor. Americans are asking questions about the economic war with Russia and the strange silence about the crash of the Malaysian Boeing over Ukraine.

The Americans are embarrassed in front of the entire world during daily briefings at the State Department, where Jen Psaki and Marie Harf are unable to respond to any of the ordinary questions by reporter Matt Lee.

I’m not making this up. Public opinion polls, which have been jointly conducted by NBC News and the Wall Street Journal, are pointing this out.

And here is something else. There is a video clip with blue skies in the background showing the decapitation of a man in orange by a man in black. And before that, the man in orange speaks in a monologue where he blames America for all the evils of this world. The video ends with the words: “I am ashamed to be an American.”

Foley’s beheading is most likely the last nail in the coffin of Obama’s presidency.

A long time has passed since somebody decapitated an American while the whole country watched. I, for example, remember what I felt when Russian television showed something similar that happened to Russians. It was the biggest national humiliation. I believe that Americans feel like that today.

It seems to me that this humiliation can be compared with what they felt on Sept. 11, 2001. That is, nothing has changed. It all came around. The country tried to go somewhere for 13 years only to be back to where she started.

The American intelligence services knew before Sept. 11 that there would be a big terrorist attack involving commercial aircraft. But they could not stop it.

American intelligence services knew that the killing of a journalist would take place, but they could not save their citizen.

American intelligence services, who eavesdrop on anything and anyone, are in essence, incompetent — regardless of all the billions [of dollars], and regardless of the Patriot Act. Currently, you have nothing to resent Barack Obama for — if, of course, you accept responsibility as resentment. It wasn’t for just any reason that Kozma Prutkov, a fictional writer under whose pseudonym famous Russian poets wrote satirical poems in the 19th century, repeated the major thrust five times in “The Fruits of Reflection”: “It is not possible to embrace the unembraceable.”

The U.S. has, of course, the world’s largest economy and strongest army. That’s why most of the world is very anxiously watching how the United States consistently destroys everything that is not the United States. How blackmailing and introduction of suicidal sanctions affect one of the largest market locations.

But, in the end, the world is still a little more than just the United States. And behold, the world is becoming aware of that. They have become aware by ceasing to look at those who, because of nuclear weapons, don’t care about the strength of any army. They are simply just watching how the United States self-destructs, trying to embrace the unembraceable.

The detonator for that action may be a single knife in the hands of a man in black with blue skies in the background.

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