I See No Greater Coward … than Obama!

I can’t think of a single president of any country — advanced or underdeveloped — worth calling “cowardly” like U.S. President Barack Obama, whose country is regarded as the strongest politically, militarily and economically.

After the slaughter of American journalist James Foley at the hands of the largest terrorist organization seen to date, the Islamic State, Obama kept saying “we don’t have a strategy yet” to face this organization. Though he and his predecessors have always made a fuss about the strength and invincibility of the United States, he has of late been irresolute — scared to expose his country to an act of terror such as what happened to the towers in New York.

Yesterday, Islamic State terror forces slayed a second American journalist, Sotloff, whom TIME Magazine described as being fond of Arab culture. The Washington Post mentioned that the slaying of this journalist increases pressure on Obama, as it is the second case of an American journalist being killed by the Islamic State in Iraq. It has been said that this journalist was Jewish and held Israeli citizenship in addition to U.S. citizenship.

What will the U.S. president do after the beheading of two American journalists within a week?! Will he keep saying “we don’t have a strategy yet” to deal with the Islamic State? Will Obama wait until this global terror organization breaks in on strategic U.S. facilities and claims the lives of the innocent?

This despicable silence on the part of Barack Obama and the so-called “hawks” in his administration surely confirms that the U.S. president, and the “hawks” along with him, were the ones that supported the establishment, arming and financing of this organization in order to implement the new political reality imagined for the new Middle East.

They thought themselves so far removed from the maniacal terrorism that kills hundreds of Muslims united by God in Iraq and Syria, subjecting them to the most extreme forms of torture before killing them. But it has pleased God to afflict America with the fire of the Islamic State, and there will be more to come.

This isn’t just about two American journalists. As a matter of fact, the Islamic State has held a British hostage for months. The Guardian states that Prime Minister David Cameron realizes the danger for this British citizen, but that will not change Cameron’s actions in the short term! He possesses the same apathy as Obama. Haven’t I already said in a past article that the United States and Britain are two sides of the same coin?

Obama faces internal pressure to become more resolute … then he will be able to consider whether to extend to the Islamic State strikes in Syria which initially targeted al-Qaida. But a reporter for the Washington Times says that there is anxiety in Washington over the U.S. Air Force’s dependence on Russian-made missiles!

Do you see how the two greatest military powers in the world depend on each other?

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