Mohammad Nabi Habibi: US Must Show Some Flexibility

The secretary-general of the Islamic Coalition Party, Mohammad Nabi Habibi, emphasized that the Islamic Republic of Iran has fulfilled all of its obligations in the nuclear negotiations process. “Now the ball is in America’s court,” he said. “This stubbornness must end.”

According to a Sunday report by the Islamic Republic News Agency on public relations of the Islamic Coalition Party, Mohammad Nabi Habibi, in a meeting of party leaders, added, “Iran should take its position at the nuclear negotiations table like a creditor [collecting debts].”

“According to the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Habibi stated, “Iran has fulfilled all of its commitments in the past year and now the ball is in the United States’ court, in a manner of speaking. They have to give up this stubbornness or else it is back to square one for certain.”

“If the sanctions are not lifted in New York, it’s unlikely that it will happen at a later date,” he added.

The secretary-general of the Islamic Coalition Party also made reference to Imam Khomeini’s statements on pilgrimage and the status of the Islamic world as a global axis of power. “Today,” he said, “the imam’s children and their pure successors are acting with pride and honor as stewards of the Islamic awakening across the globe, and they do not fear U.S. interference.”

Mr. Habibi continued, “Just yesterday the people of Yemen chanted ‘Death to America’ and are opposing the [incumbent] powers. Soon the American puppet government and their regional servants will fall. This year, the world’s Muslims are waiting for an inspirational, heartening, and revolutionary message from the supreme leader [encouraging Muslims] to continue their efforts in the important arena of [spreading] the Islamic awakening, so that they can deepen their fight against tyranny and imperialism with the strategies therein.”

The secretary general of the Islamic Coalition Party referenced the coalition in Paris against the Islamic State, saying, “The West is ineffectual in combating terrorism and has been stymied because it itself plays a key role in spreading and expanding terrorism in Islamic societies.”

Habibi further stated, “When groups that are the handiwork of the U.S. turn against them as terrorists, only then do they think of opposing [these groups], hence the situation becomes laughable.”

“Al-Qaeda, the Islamic State, other extremist groups and the Ba’athist regime of Saddam have all at one point or another rolled the dice with the Americans’ favor,” Habibi continued, “but today, for various reasons, they no longer maintain their former affinities and [the U.S.] is considering destroying these groups. They mustn’t expect Iran to participate in this farcical game.”

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