Israel, Nazis and the Blockade Against Cuba

If you are a U.S. citizen and want to live in Cuba, the United States treats you worse than a Nazi.

One could draw this conclusion after seeing a report by the Associated Press showing that dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals and SS guards are collecting millions in Social Security benefits from the United States after being deported. Social Security benefits are something that Washington does not allow for Cubans who have worked in the U.S. if they commit the crime of living in Cuba.

It is one of the many hard-to-explain ethical contradictions made by the U.S. government that led the international community to condemn the economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba on Oct. 28 by a vote of 188 to 2.

It is reported that among those receiving the benefits Washington refuses to U.S. citizens if they try to live on the island, there were soldiers who guarded the concentration camps where millions of Jews were exterminated, a scientist who used slave labor to advance his research for the Third Reich and a Nazi collaborator who coordinated the arrest and execution of thousands of Jews in Poland.

However Israel, the Jewish state, has made the hunt for Nazis a doctrine, chasing World War II war criminals all over the planet, and is the only government that voted with the U.S. in its solitary task of opposing the universal condemnation of its genocidal policy toward Cuba.

I guess it has to do with U.S. support of Israel in its task of confronting the universal condemnation of its genocidal actions against the Palestinian people.

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