Torture, Lies, Democracy

The psychology of terror and horror. Domination. Manipulation, extreme indifference. Defenseless insensitivity, immunity, sanctioned impunity. All’s fair. It has always been fair. It was during the most heinous regimes, totalitarians of the left and the right, military dictatorships, etc., but it is also fair in times of democracy. Or that is the way it has been allowed, consented and tolerated. A license for everything. To torture, to execute. License to kill. Before and after September 2001.

Clay, mud and bogs in the middle of the swamp of lies and manipulations. Like those that brought the Iraq War, among accusations that were later proved false, manipulated evidence and exoneration of presidents and prime ministers, who shielded themselves by saying they were fooled by their intelligence services.

For history, the pathetic images in 2003 brought before the United Nations with photographs and proof of the arsenal that never belonged to the Iraqi tyrant and despot. States within a state. Secret services and military intelligence. Nothing new. Country by country. Nobody knows what is happening, nor what is going on or how. Nobody wants or seems to want to know. The cesspools. Always an anathema, the defense and security of the nation. The perpetual excuse. All in the name of it. A license for everything. Trampling human rights and dignities that aren’t good for anything. Drones. Unregistered airplanes.

Europe and the Maghreb, secret prisons and torture centers anywhere and protected by the complicit cloak of silence of all kinds of governments and tyrannies. But let’s not throw up our hands in horror when it is a democracy or in the name of democracy that those who are the executioners, the sadists, employ all kinds of torture and humiliation. The use of military installations in Europe and the Middle East for security purposes. Traitorous euphemisms. Tyranny and torture. Lies and manipulations. Beasts disguised as military personnel or intelligence agents. Devoid of feelings. Without emotions. Unadulterated brutality. Prisoners and executioners. Death and the breakdown of justice in limbo where none exists, neither in the day or the night.

In the name of tarnished democracies and freedoms. More than anything we differentiate ourselves from countries where freedom and democracy don’t exist. The majority. Neither from the history of the 20th century where hateful ideologies, torture and horror in their purest form spread over and traversed from continent to continent their telluric face of human misery, morals and lack of values. Ever-changing justifications, ignorance of the executive and the legislative body. Always the same. Nobody knows anything. But they do it. They permit it. They allow it to be done. Without proving if it is good or not. If it avoids something. But hatred grows. Action, reaction.

We sow wind and reap storms. We know it and everyone knows it. There is also the lavish military industry. Miserable and wretched. Shields of impunity and heavy cloaks of bottomless silence. Death and execution. Drowning and simulations that destroy us as human beings for freedom and values. Obama shows his revulsion and employs values and our system. And a country that is an example of many things, above all its democratic functioning and division of power, and at the same time is hated in many countries, is capable in its political system of denouncing abuse and the insanity of torture that its intelligence services and military have done.

Something that does not occur in practically any other democracy in the world and surely and clearly the democracies that imagine themselves as such do not last 20 years nowadays, the rest are parodies and pantomimes of the same. An intelligence committee of the United States Senate stands up and demands responsibility. Denunciations and censorship, charges and exposures, although in all its intensity and publicity, deeds and incidents, names under the pseudonym of American citizens that with the complicity and arrogance of other governments and nations tortured, humiliated, harassed and probably murdered without trial, without guarantees, without respect, without rights, whomever they considered suspects or under the generic accusation of terrorist.

An accusation that has served to make and destroy, to assassinate and kill whomever they wanted. In the name of nothing governments of democracies have awarded licenses and blessings, but have also gone to war or conflict without any respect for international law. The law of the strongest. An eye for an eye. Abu Ghraib was not the exception, but the continuation. Like the secret jails that also exist in that geographical area. Torture and silence. Fallacious arguments and cynical lies. Democracy and terror. A cocktail that sows hatred and paves the road for more terror. It is all a question of time, because everything in history runs in cycles. And we know it.

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