Obama’s Chameleonic Selma Speech

I vividly remember the day Obama won the elections for the first time. A tide of humanity swept the streets of Chicago, the African-American community celebrated, everywhere people were weeping tears of joy: so much love, so much pain, and so much remembrance in their faces, in their voices. America’s slaves and the martyrs of the Civil Rights Movement were vindicated. Obama was the voice and the strength of black Americans at that time. There was hope, and gradually, the trust of African-Americans began to rest on his shoulders.

[This was] quite a challenge for a creature of double standards, with little understanding of dignity or respect for roots and family. Admittedly, making it to the White House was an immense achievement. The entire Ku Klux Klan was against him and still is against him, given that both Congress and the House of Representatives are Ku Klux Klan. Hollywood is Ku Klux Klan, too, and powerful enough to fill the heads of the masses with sawdust. Capitalist Cuban expatriates are Ku Klux Klan, and they want to see him dead for having re-established relations with Cuba, although they applaud his interference in South America (sycophants). Anti-Obama propaganda is still being circulated. His presidency remains a bitter pill for Caucasian extremists, who are still asking themselves, when did a black man get to jump the line?

But Obama is a black American ashamed of his black ancestry, and it is this aspect of his character that has enabled him to strike a balance and keep the extremists happy. It is impossible not to compare him, albeit reluctantly, with leaders of the caliber of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, for he has risen to a level that, until now, no other African-American has achieved. Neither Martin Luther King nor Malcolm X would have continued the war in Iraq, nor covertly supported Israel in attacking Syria and smashing Palestine, nor imposed the embargo on Cuba, nor insisted on attacking South America. There are light years of difference between Obama and those men of truth who dignified humanity and the color of their skin. That is why they were killed, and he is still alive and kicking with a lustrous shine on his shoes. They even gave him the Nobel Prize! Maxims like “Homeland or Death” and “each and every voice” rang true with Malcolm X and Martin Luther King. They were about unity, dignity, and demanding rights; Obama is about raiding other countries, regardless of how much blood has to be shed. What kind of dignity can this afford to the African-American population of the United States?

Undoubtedly, life for Obama and his family has changed significantly, but the same cannot be said for the rest of black Americans. U.S. police officers across the country lash out with violence against the black community — and undocumented Latino immigrants have it even worse. Only those of us who are black and undocumented can speak of our experiences of the latent discrimination that blights the United States.

Had Obama been a different kind of president, a speech in honor of Selma would have been deeply satisfying. But how dare Obama speak of human rights when he is trying to take away the rights of the South American people? Central America was smooth sailing for him, and now, he has a new military base in Peru, the better to sink his claws into Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil, which, together, have been a thorn in his side and today form an impassable block.

Back at home, oppression of the African-American community continues. Only days ago, a 19-year-old black man was murdered by police, shot five times, in Wisconsin. But the police are the law, and the “real truth” is the one they choose to tell in the police reports, although video footage might tell a different story. Nor should we forget other cases in New York, Florida and Ferguson in recent years, while the murderers walk free because U.S. law has absolved them of culpability. In the United States, a police officer can be jailed for killing a dog, but not for killing a black American. Nobody wishes to suggest that a canine life has no value, but it hardly compares to the life of a human being.

Obama has no right to crow about equity, respect for human rights and achievements because they are nonexistent. He has no right as long as the embargo against Cuba remains in force. It all comes down to the same thing. A government cannot change its color between domestic and foreign policy. South America is conscious of this and forms associations with any country desirous of unity and progress for all, in other words, Socialist countries. We should consider the nations America allies itself with and ask ourselves what it is that it seeks, how it has garnered its wealth, and how it imposes its will.

Obama has no right to speak of human rights when his own government has deported more undocumented immigrants than any other.

Photographs of him walking with his family on the Edmund Pettus Bridge and his chameleonic speech will remain, but such gestures are a far cry from Obama dignifying his black roots and using his words to demonstrate that U.S. law respects every human being, irrespective of color, as well as the human rights of undocumented immigrants.

Obama has a long way to go to learn respect for the governments of developing nations and respect for other religions. Meanwhile, he is spreading his Islamophobia to the four corners of the earth.

Although he comes across as a Socialist, he is a bigger capitalist than the members of the Ku Klux Klan. Actions speak louder than words.

Honor the victims of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, be an example of human integrity, a guiding light that lights the whole world and unites us in one blood.

Postscript: Lurking in the wings is a bigger capitalist than capitalism itself, one Hillary Clinton, who deserves to be called Ku Klux Klan and cannot even hold a candle to Rosa Parks. Should she become president one day, no doubt we will see her on that same bridge, giving another chameleonic speech in the best White House style.

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