United States Floundering Like Titanic

Empires disdain their subjects, and those same subjects will reply in kind, jumping overboard like rats deserting a sinking ship, when the United States finally goes down to the bottom of the ocean whose waters it is currently taking in.

Yes, the reference is to “docile” Europe, and also to Israel, the greatest ally of successive American administrations. Israel has just dealt Washington a blow below the belt, as the close relations until now enjoyed by the two warmongering, expansionist regimes hit an all-time low.

Israel has applied to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which experts believe is discreetly making rapid progress toward the de-dollarization of the world economy.

The Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, personally signed the application to join the AIIB in a move that, according to the same sources, marks a growing trend of Tel Aviv distancing itself from the White House in the medium term.

China’s super-locomotive is also attracting a following among “loyal” Europeans, as they observe the Washington Titanic’s persistent endeavors to use force to destroy the iceberg of today’s changing world, in which the United States is no longer the global hegemon it once was, wielding the tremendous power generated by its money and its great machinery of war.

Of course, alliances forged by the various United States regimes with both Israel and the supposedly cultured countries of Europe have been based on the strength of American greenbacks, the drivers of international conservatism. Washington’s obstinacy and loss of ground, however, have caused its allies to make readjustments in line with the geopolitical transformations that have taken place.

It is a fact that we are witnessing the beginning of a re-ordering of the world. Powers like China and Russia, and other emerging powers like Iran, India, South Africa and Brazil, will be setting the agenda and ushering in a new era, which the ultraconservative factions in the U.S. are determined to obstruct.

American belligerence is born out of necessity. Threats and warmongering aggressions are the order of the day, and they issue from Congress, the Senate and the Pentagon, as well as from the White House.

No region is safe from U.S. hostility, least of all Latin America and the Caribbean. Though still considered America’s backyard by Washington, U.S. influence in the region has notably diminished in recent years as progressive governments have remained in power for long periods, advocating independence and the unity of the greater homeland, while also strengthening ties with China, Russia and other emerging powers.

All of this explains America’s hostility toward Venezuela, the country with more oil reserves than any other on the planet, as well as U.S. attempts to destabilize other developing Latin American nations that defend their own national interests such as Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Argentina.

Washington’s violent conduct toward its closest geographical neighbors is a desperate attempt to at least hold on to its “backyard” while the “U.S. Titanic” goes down.

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