The American Way

Fewer and fewer people are following the American way. This was not always the case. Just five days before the opening of the first “McDonald’s Bar-B-Que” chain restaurant, German troops marched on Luxembourg.

Five years later, liberated by the Soviets and the Americans, Europe lay in ruins and part of the population had to endure starvation through winter.

At this point in time, McDonald’s developed the concept of industrializing the process of making burgers. In America, people were able to drive their car up to a counter from which affordable meat patties of the same exact quality came off the assembly line. This left a lasting impression on Europeans at the time and seemed desirable.

The American style of high-calorie foods and lack of exercise leads to weight gain. From the dreams in a time of scarcity sprung the nightmares in a time of plenty.

The image of America has changed over time in parallel with the image of McDonald’s. Today, people associate American style fast food with severely obese people in electric wheelchairs.

McDonald’s can understand that the world is less and less enthusiastic about the “American way of life” by looking at its sales figures.

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