America’s Impractical Advice to Pakistan To Purchase Electricity from India

The U.S. has recommended that Pakistan purchase supplementary electricity from the Indian Punjab to meet its power needs. While asking not to be named, a senior official disclosed that this proposal was offered by the U.S. last month in a meeting of the U.S.-Pakistan Energy Working Group in Islamabad.

Pakistan is faced with a severe energy crisis which is ruining our industry, unsettling our economy, and affecting the routines of daily living. Pakistan has an acute need for electricity so that its industry can function. However, Pakistan will never purchase electricity from India because India has wrongfully seized Pakistan’s share of water. By erecting dams over rivers entering Pakistan through Kashmir, India has dried out our rivers. Why doesn’t the U.S. tell India to release Pakistan’s share of water? How long will America continue its efforts towards making India the policeman of the region by providing it with American patronage?

The other day, the Indian defense minister openly announced that India will employ terrorists in Pakistan. Since the U.S. condemns terrorism, why is Washington silent on the ranting of the Indian minister? Is it possible for Pakistan to have any dealings with India under these circumstances?

Instead of giving Pakistan the impractical advice of buying electricity from India, the U.S. should allow Pakistan to enforce the contracts it has already made with Iran for the purchase of oil and gas. At the moment, U.S. relations with Iran have improved, and the international financial sanctions imposed on Iran have also been lifted. Hence the U.S., instead of showing Pakistan a new path, should allow Pakistan to complete its ongoing program with Iran, so that Pakistan may rid itself of its energy crisis.

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