A Good President

In a time that requires performance at a high level, Barack Obama, the president of the United States, has demonstrated how right his voters were to trust in him to guide the most successful nation in the world.

I’m not a diplomat, but I have common sense, and upon observing its development throughout history, the mold is the same, politically speaking, across the majority of nations: talk, lie, make promises and criticize those who came before you. At the end they run out of time, but they do worry about having a captive audience of voters because they are used to having power and they only think about staying in their position, or getting back to it. What Obama is doing with U.S.-Cuban relations makes him a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. The most important thing will be ending the injustice against a people who have had no opportunity to know a better world, to reduce the possibility for politicians to deceive their constituents and to let those people live with dignity and the scientific advances necessary for a good quality of life. If things continue at this pace, in the near future the Cuban people will change their way of life from what some call an “Empire,” and I can assuredly say, in democratic fashion the next Cuban president may be an exile living in Miami who determines the path of that country.

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