Obama’s Energy Revolution

Barack Obama cannot convince the Republicans that the time is due for an energy revolution. Nevertheless, Obama is helping in this time of harsh economic reality.

“Coal. Guns. Freedom.” That was the slogan with which the Republican Mitch McConnell was elected to be senator in his state of Kentucky. The man is powerful as a [majority] Senate leader of the Republicans and is fighting tooth and nail to ensure that Obama’s energy revolution will never become a reality.

Many Republicans believe that man-made global warming is an invention of liberal forces and an industry interested in restricting their economic freedom. They cannot be convinced by scientists or the Pope, who will promote discussion on climate change during his upcoming trip around America. And there is no way that Barack Obama can convince the Republicans that it is time for an energy revolution.

Ever since Al Gore attempted to become president through his program on climate change, the political scene [surrounding this issue] has been disillusioned. What Obama is helping, however, is the harsh economic reality: Coal production in the United States is becoming economically unattractive because producing electricity from gas has become cheaper, and the international demand for American coal is dwindling.

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