Egypt and America

What is the significance of the resumption of strategic dialogue between Egypt and America now, after a lapse of five years? The first implication is that both Egypt and the United States do not have the luxury of being able to do without a strong relationship. This is because the United States is the strongest nation in the world, and Egypt is a regional power with influence in the Arab world, Africa and the Mediterranean. Therefore, the United States needs to coordinate and cooperate with Egypt…no less than Egypt needs coordination and cooperation.

If this “strategic dialogue” represents a framework for interaction between the two countries in all areas, then Egypt is particularly interested in motivating American companies to invest in Egypt and fund development, while Americans speak about human rights and the upcoming parliamentary elections. However, in my opinion, the most important meaning behind the resumption of strategic dialogue with the United States is the fact that Americans “disposed” of the Muslim Brotherhood in order to preserve their most important interests with Egypt. It is no coincidence that Secretary of State John Kerry said in response to a New York Times question that his country “has information about the involvement of some leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in acts of violence,” and that is a highly sensitive point for the Americans who have been victims of terrorism at the hands of “Islamists,” whereas a number of American agencies have described the “Brotherhood” as moderates.

This is highly sensitive, especially in light of the historically close relationship between the Muslim Brotherhood and American intelligence, and the Americans’ utilization of them to combat “communism” on the one hand, “nationalism” on the other. This also means that the Americans are beginning to realize the duality of the Muslim Brotherhood’s malicious position, which supports all forms of violent terrorism inside Egypt while presenting the face of innocence abroad, and in the United States specifically, by speaking of legitimacy and democracy. Consistent with this position is the rejection by the White House and U.S. State Department of what happened in Egypt on June 30, 2013, describing it as a “coup,” which is what Brotherhood propaganda desired! In reality, those positions are not a surprise to those who follow American policy, and they represent a nightmare for the Muslim Brotherhood which struggles against the American regime and the American Congress in order to support its dark campaign against its own country of Egypt!

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