Everywhere the Same Racist ‘Caws’

It’s no coincidence that all the far-righters in Europe are fighting against the idea of European unification in the name of defending the “nation” concept.

Racist and nationalist “caws” are the same, regardless of continent or country. The threats, the alarmism and the so-called arguments are global, as are the values that are being fought against by every kind of far-righter, be it the Republicans in the U.S., the extremist xenophobic streams in Britain, the nostalgia-seekers of Hitler in Germany, the “true Finns” in the traditionally peaceful northern European country, or the “true Greeks” of the Golden Dawn.

In the U.S., multimillionaire Donald Trump, who is considered the odds-on favorite for the Republican anointment in the next presidential election, is directly blaming President Obama for capitulating to the “enemies” of the “only superpower,” Iran and Cuba. As for the issue of immigration, he blames Mexico for purposefully not guarding its borders with the U.S. so that “criminal” elements can come in without control and plan the destruction of American society.

In what way are these allegations different from those of the Greek far-righters, who blame Turkey for allegedly sending — according to plan — waves of immigrants to the Greek islands in order to harm our country?

In what way are the British far-righters different, those who ask Cameron to shake his fist at France for not stopping — even by shooting — those desperate to enter the United Kingdom through Calais?

For years in Greece it was said, and written, that “we Greeks are not racist.” As if there are people who are inherently racist, and the “egg of the snake” does not incubate in certain socioeconomic conditions, like the ones that have been prevalent in our country for the past five years. Then the Golden Dawn, benefiting from the multidimensional crisis, started committing criminal acts — even murder — against peaceful immigrants who were workers by rule of thumb. And in spite of this, Golden Dawn was “rewarded” with entry into parliament as the third parliamentary power.

It’s no coincidence that the far right of every political persuasion in Europe is fighting against the idea of European unification in the name of defending the “nation” concept. Consequently, the best answer to threat of the far right is a course of true unification of Europe toward a social, democratic, peaceful and ecological direction, based on respecting particular cultural and national identities. And let us not forget what was said in the tumultuous 20th century, that “fascism means war.” I point that out because the leftist powers in Europe are being called upon to construct the widest front against xenophobia, racism and neo-Nazism, as well as anti-Semitism and constantly increasing Islamophobia.

Of course, it is not enough for this front to just be social and political; it also has to be ideological and accompanied by a big movement of ideas and values and the effort to promote a culture of peace and nonviolence in societies. Only then will the young people who happen to be “captured” by the far-right demagogy in many countries be fortified against it.

All of the above applies to our country as well, demanding constant alertness and mobilization, substantial briefing about and fighting against every kind of prejudice against neighboring peoples and countries.

Panos Trigazis is the coordinator for the Department of International Relations and Matters of Peace of SYRIZA.

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