Carly Fiorina Catching Up with Donald Trump in GOP Nomination Run



According to the survey conducted after the second presidential debate of Republican Party presidential nomination candidates, former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Co. Carly Fiorina is second in the popularity contest, with billionaire Donald Trump still leading, but slowly losing support.

The CNN/ORC survey, published recently, shows that 24 percent of Republican voters support Trump, the political outsider. This figure is down by 8 percentage points in comparison to the early September survey.

Fiorina is second after Trump with 15 percent of voter support. She managed to increase her position by 12 percentage points. Third in the running is Ben Carson, a retired African-American neurosurgeon, with 14 percent of voter support. He lost 5 percentage points in comparison to the previous CNN/ORC survey.

Further down the line among the 16 GOP candidates are: Marco Rubio, the senator from Florida with 11 percent of voter support, Jeb Bush, the former Florida governor, who has 9 percent of voter support, Ted Cruz, the senator from Texas, and Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, both with 6 percent of voter support.

According to CNN, there is no doubt that the candidates’ ranking has been affected by the second GOP presidential debate, watched by 23 million viewers. Thirty-one percent of Republicans who watched the debate said Trump lost, and 52 percent identified Fiorina as the winner.

Unlike during the first debate back in August broadcast by Fox TV, the second debate showed Trump being attacked by almost all his rivals in a bid to stop his lead in the polls. Trump’s rivals accused him of lacking political experience, lacking predictability and lacking knowledge about foreign affairs.

When Trump, in his typical style, started boasting about his exceptional success in business, claiming that he earned billions and billions of dollars, Fiorina, the only woman in the Republican race, listed four of his companies that went bankrupt. She stayed calm about Trump’s comment from a few days ago when he said that she could not win with such a face, explaining later that he meant her personality rather than her looks.

“I think women all over the country heard what Trump said,” Fiorina emphasized, winning applause.

They clashed again when talking about foreign policy. Trump stated quite vaguely that he would “get along with Putin” to eliminate the current issues.

“I wouldn’t talk to [Putin] at all. We’ve talked way too much to him,” Fiorina retorted. She said she would instead rebuild the U.S. 6th Fleet operating in the Mediterranean Sea, start building the anti-missile defense system in Poland and conduct more military training in Baltic states.

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