Trump as the Next President of the United States?

A speech based in the xenophobia and racism that is taking root among some citizens.

In his celebrated work “The Prince,” Machiavelli reminds us that “societies only see what they perceive, and no one sees what really is.” The world of appearances, and what they convey, is what attracts worth. It is that appearance, polished by publicity and transmitted through media and social media, that society gets to see; neither worrying nor wanting to spend time to dig a little deeper to bring the real character of a man out into the open. Our era is the era of perceptions, not of awareness!

We are in the time of social media, where everything lasts long enough to click “like” or “dislikeā€; and based on this, a reputation is built. After a few devise it, the majority follow it until it becomes an array of opinion, which then is applied to hotels, restaurants and even political candidates.

It is the time of the click, not analysis, the time of emotion and not awareness, where the key to success is knowing how to mobilize society through phrases, behaviors and themes that awaken emotions in the collective. Tell them exactly what they want to hear!

Of course, waking those emotions is not the product of a click, but a study of a large matrix, where many variables are analyzed until they get that strategy, that phrase, that behavior that the majority is going to support without being eager to analyze it. Kind of like those old Western movies, where all you could see were the facades, but behind only planks were supporting them.

My mother used to tell me: “Never take into consideration the things someone says that are not supported by action.” In the case of Mr. Trump, I doubt that he will support [the things he says]. Nonetheless, those of us who thought his aspiration to the White House was just one more of his eccentricities cannot believe that he is leading the polls with such an advantage, among all of the aspiring Republican candidates to be the standard-bearer of his party for the presidential election of the primary power of the world.

A speech where he was made famous by saying all Mexicans are drug traffickers, where he later announced the construction of a giant wall in order to isolate the United States from the savage Latinos, who are criminals without exception, as well as rapists and killers. Where days later, he lifted up his proud blond hair and pulled it to prove it is real. Basically, a speech based in xenophobia and racism, but unfortunately it is taking root among a part of the citizenry that believes that Trump is daring to say what many are thinking but are too afraid to say, and this is precisely what is worrying about his prominence and leadership.

We hope that at the hour of truth the majority of Americans deepen their analysis, and don’t get blinded by the spotlight, which is supported by a studied strategy that seems to be leaving them blind.

They say that the art of politics consists of rationally leading the irrationality of man, and I would not want to think that Mr. Trump is precisely the grand maestro of that art.

All governments, without exception, whatever their motivations or reservations, fall into two formulas: subordination of authority to liberty, or subordination of liberty to authority.

I think there is no doubt which would be the formula of Mr. Trump!

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