Carlos Vives Thinks Donald Trump Has ‘a Lot of Money but Is Pretty Uncultured’

The singer believes the American entrepreneur knows very little about Latin American history.

Colombian singer Carlos Vives managed to maintain his composure better than many of his colleagues when passing an opinion on Donald Trump’s comments about Latin American immigrants — singer and actress Paulina Rubio went straight to calling him [Trump] a jerk. Still, he does not find the issue any less offensive. In his opinion, the business magnate’s problem is an obvious one: He’s got too much money but lacks culture.

“Historically, there have always been plenty of people ignorant of us, and Donald Trump is one of them. It’s clear he has a lot of money but is pretty uncultured and knows very little about Latin American history. Of course, I think this discussion is very appealing to those who share Trump’s way of thinking. It’s a shame that people with so much power can be uncultured to such an extent,” complained Vives in an interview with the newspaper El Universal.

Carlos is aware of the problem drug trafficking poses in Mexico and in his own country, Colombia, but he thinks it unjust that these countries be judged solely on this issue. “We shouldn’t be defining our countries through drug trafficking or worse things. I don’t think Mexico is a country of drug traffickers simply because it is suffering in the tight grip of that problem — just as Colombia has suffered. This doesn’t reflect the majority, who are good people,” he explained.

Carlos tries to play his part in promoting a message of peace through his music.

“Artists try to pass on the message of reconciliation, peace, of acceptance and knowing that we are united and have similar roots.”

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