Trump Plugs the Islamic State

The idea that Donald Trump could lead the most powerful nation on earth is outrageous. Because he’s worried about his gradually declining popularity he’s even willing to shill for the Islamic State by saying the West is waging a crusade against Muslims.

If any further proof were needed that Trump will stop at nothing, Trump himself just delivered it: The real estate billionaire who wants to be president is demanding that in response to the San Bernardino massacre, the United States should refuse all Muslims entry into the country.

The notion that the strongest nation on earth could be led by the likes of Donald Trump was just grotesque up to now. Now it’s monstrous. Trump is a provocateur who, out of concern for his slightly declining popularity figures and the cheers of his fans, is even willing to take on and complete the mission of the jihadi Islamic State group. His suggestion that the West is leading a crusade against all Muslims does just that.

That begs the question of just how stupid one has to be not to recognize the effect his words have and instead to constantly repeat them and even say worse things. Trump isn’t stupid. But above all, he doesn’t care at all what politically correct Americans think of him. He may make a fool of himself but he knows exactly what he’s saying. He knows many Americans are really frightened after the California shootings and he plays on that in a most irresponsible way. That’s the problem.

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