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  1. If there’s any “purity” operating in this election it’s Bernie’s “pure FDR.” That Americans (like the author of this article) see that as a dangerous, radical position says a lot about how far to the right the whole of America has lurched since the end of WWII. The country is right next door to fascism, and everything to the left of them looks like anarchy.

    Bernie isn’t gonna win the nomination, but if he did, he’d almost certainly lose the election — unless, of course, The Donald should be his opponent. (O, what a lovely circus that would be! Jon Stewart would shoot himself in the head for quitting if it came down to those two.) And if one of those imbecile and/or simply clueless Republicans should win, he would speed up the decline of the American empire, just as Dubya did. They can’t help it; they’re Republicans.

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