Assad, Obama and Delusions

The Damascus criminal Bashar Assad told the French press that he seeks to complete the restoration of Syrian land militarily, but admits that it will take a long time. The U.S. secretary of state replied to his remarks saying, “He’s deluded if he thinks that there is a military solution to the conflict in Syria.” But who is the delusional one here?

The fact is that we are facing many delusional people in a bad administration, as well as Assad and even the Russians and Iranians. According to Americans, Assad should be seen as the most delusional. There must be real actions on the ground in Syria, not just statements and fragile diplomatic actions such as those which resulted from the Munich conference. The only language Assad understands is action and power, not distant statements. Yes, Assad is the most delusional, especially when it comes to the fight against terrorism and restoration of the entire Syrian territory. Meanwhile, those deciding the fate of the regime include the foreign minister of Russia rather than the very people in the regime.

As Assad hides under Russian-Iranian protection and talks about the need to restore the Syrian nation, will Russia continue to do his military bidding? Will the Obama administration allow this Russian charade to flourish in Syria? This illusion is not restricted to Assad. The U.S. administration’s relationship with Russia and Iran is just as heinous as Aleppo’s crimes. Will it go unnoticed? Is it possible to commit such atrocities and not pay the price without sectarian hatred and violence? Is it possible to forget the history of crime committed in Syria by the Russians, Iranians and Assad? Does it make sense to continue perpetuating terrorism for another generation in ways worse than al-Qaida and the Islamic State?

Assad is not the only delusional one in the Syrian crisis, but one of many including the U.S. president who has done everything to ignore the Syrian crisis. In the U.S. Democratic candidate debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the candidates were asked whether it didn’t make sense for America, the most powerful nation in the world, to end the crimes occurring in Syria. Obama dodged the crisis four years ago, and the severity, complexity and price that has to be paid to save the region as a whole grows each day. The status quo means that extremism is the certain winner, not the Russians, the Iranians, or Assad who is worthless without their help.

The bottom line is that it is delusional to think that the U.S. can end the Syrian conflict with Russia or Iran’s cooperation in conference halls as Russian warplanes and Iranian militias commit massacres and atrocities against the Syrians in Aleppo and elsewhere.

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