In the End, It’s Vote Clinton, Stop Trump!

This is America’s craziest election year. Donald Trump is still forging ahead. Hillary Clinton recognizes he is her main opponent.

Nearly everything Donald Trump has said so far in this election campaign is simply alarming. No sensible person can imagine this will-o’-the-wisp pseudo politician in all seriousness as the nominee of the Republicans or even as the incumbent in the White House. And yet, in the U.S. at the moment, the wave of votes that could actually lead to Trump becoming the nominee for presidential candidate is continuing.

The Republican Party leadership is therefore in panic mode. It has completely underestimated this candidate and neglected to position a strong rival candidate in time. The fragmentation of the field of candidates only benefits Trump, initially characterized as a crass outsider. After his success on Super Tuesday, however, it will be difficult to stop the triumphant march of this unpredictable man.

The rise of Trump is plunging the Republican Party into an acid test. The leadership of the GOP, to which President Abraham Lincoln once belonged, is now reaping the rewards of its aimless move to the right. For years, they let themselves be pulled to the right by the radical Tea Party movement, and they joined in every excess of the reactionaries in order to put obstacles in the way of President Obama’s policies.

As a result of the trend on Super Tuesday, Donald Trump for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats are the clear favorites in the fight to be chosen as their party’s candidate. Both have already geared themselves up for this duel in the main election campaign. Horrified Republican politicians are realizing that Trump could really be their candidate in the presidential elections in November — this extreme candidate will play into the hands of their Democratic rival, who can present herself as a paragon of rationality and professionalism and then campaign with a slogan “Vote Clinton, Stop Trump!”

Hillary Clinton has meanwhile added the necessary emotion to her initially sober campaign. This is the only way for her to keep at bay her fellow Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, who is using the Internet to motivate primarily young voters. Clinton can now take up the issue of social justice raised by Sanders in order to counter the negative image that she herself is a typical product of the political caste in Washington.

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