Ted Cruz, God Crazy

Mitt Romney has called on Republicans to elect Ted Cruz instead of Donald Trump as the party’s presidential nominee. But Cruz’s political platform is much worse than Trump’s. Cruz is an extreme right-wing religious fundamentalist.

Cruz’s platform is chock-full of references to God, or the “Creator” as his online political texts say. Cruz is a creationist; he’s one of those cretins who think that life on Earth hasn’t evolved. Even worse, Cruz believes the American Constitution is directly inspired by God. Americans’ freedoms are thus a gift from above. It’s a waste of time to remind him of all the political struggles, wars and thinkers that won these rights and liberties little by little. For him, it’s part of God’s plan. This nutcase believes he has a direct link to this divine will, and thus, his interpretations of the U.S. Constitution are inspired by God. We lock people up for less than that.

Naturally, these sorts of beliefs go hand in hand with the most socially conservative policies. Cruz is against abortion and gay marriage. In fact, he hates everything that goes against his religious beliefs.

Cruz against the State

Cruz’s divine vision calls for the quasi-destruction of the state. First of all, Cruz wants to impose a flat tax on all Americans who earn more than $36,000. Those who earn $40,000 will pay $4,000 in income tax, and they’ll have $36,000 left, just like those who don’t pay taxes. Those who earn $1,000,000 will pay $100,000, and will have $900,000 left in their pockets. The 10 percent tax rate would favor the wealthy, especially the extremely wealthy. This would also apply to businesses.

Naturally, a universal flat tax would reduce government revenue. Therefore, Cruz proposes to abolish many government services. First, he wants to abolish Obama’s health care program, in addition to 24 other government programs. Next, he wants to sell off the Departments of Energy, Treasury, Education, Commerce, and Housing and Urban Development. In short, everything that can regulate business and religious organizations would be in his crosshairs.

Cruz for War

However, the Department of Defense will be bolstered by selling government assets, among other things (will it be buildings, national parks, gold reserves? Who knows). To fulfill his extremely hawkish vision, Cruz proposes to substantially increase the number of soldiers and war machines. By how much? He has two points of reference: One minute he’s talking about the Reagan era; the next it’s about the size of the military after World War II. Cruz’s international vision is at the heart of his military policy. One of his first moves would be to become even closer to Israel and to rip up the agreement that was signed with Iran. After all, Cruz is an evangelical, and for many of them, Israel is part of a grand divine plan that the United States must support. If God says so, why argue against it, right?

Trump drew criticism for his outrageous comments about immigration and for his calls to violence. But Cruz’s political positions are far more dangerous than Trump’s. Anti-Trump demonstrations have made people forget that the main alternative to Trump is God crazy; a religious nut, just like the leaders of Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State group.

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  1. I agree that Cruz’s positions are ” far more dangerous than Trumps “. Republican Donald Trump -and I am speaking as democratic socialist , a critical supporter of ” socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders of Vermont- this political right wing demagogue Trump is bad enough for what is left of bourgeois democracy in America.But Trump has also been the victim of an over the top smear campaign. He is not Hitler any more than Bernie Sanders is Joe Stalin. There is nothing in Trump’s past that connects him with the rabid racism of the KKK.
    To say that Ted Cruz just hates everything opposed to his religion is a little misleading. Why does this Christian sound more like Ayn Rand on social justice issues than Pope Francis who scorns the values of global capitalism ?
    In fact, Senator Ted Cruz read from the Ayn Rand cult classic ” Atlas Shrugged ” while trying to defeat Obamacare on the floor of the U.S. Congress.
    This follower of Jesus said( see You Tube video of his speech ) that we are living in the time of Ayn Rand. Ayn Rand was a militant atheist and also a militant Zionist who thought the Palestinians were inferior to the Jewish settlers of Israel.
    In fact, nearly all the Republican candidates have been or still are besotted by Ayn Rand Thought. What does her ” Virtue of Selfishness ” have in common with the Jesus ” Sermon on the Mount ” ?
    Black astrophysicist Neil De Grasse Tyson thinks that Jesus would anoint the Jewish ” socialist ” Bernie Sanders.
    [ http://radicalrons.blogspot.com ]

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