The USA Is Tired of the Interventionist Foreign Policy

Political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov presented to the Aktyalnye Kommentarii the results of a survey conducted by the Military Times. The survey results suggest that the potential U.S. presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, is twice as popular among the U.S. troops as the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton.

The results are very good for Trump. The Republican candidate actively opposes the current U.S. foreign policy; he is anti-interference in the internal affairs of other states. It would be logical to assume that such a person would not be supported by the army. But it turns out that, on the contrary, the army supports such a policy in solidarity.

The survey results are pretty sad for Clinton. It turns out that she, as the secretary of state and as a person who has belonged to the American political elite for many years, cannot find common ground with the U.S. military.

The candidates will adjust their strategy soon. The former first lady will attempt to increase her popularity. Trump also will try to maintain and increase his popularity. It should be noted that the survey is some sort of “temperature measurer” of an opinion of a particular social group that is highly respected in the country.

Traditionally, the U.S. Army is considered a conservative structure that supports the Republicans. This can be explained by the fact that the Washington hawks are all Republicans. But now we see that Trump, who is not a hawk at all but rather a pure dove, is more popular in the army environment than any hawk. This is perhaps the most interesting news that you can find out from this survey.

The big myth is that the army likes to fight, but it does not. It likes to live well, to be a respected part of society and to live a peaceful life. No one likes to fight in a normal society. Only politicians and hysterical people like calling the people to war, and people who will be the first to die in it are never in a militaristic mood. It is an indication that Trump’s speech, in which he called on America to do its own thing, not only resonated in the hearts of people of peaceful professions but in the hearts of the military too. It’s really interesting. This suggests that not only the army is tired of wars, but also the whole of America is tired of the active internationalist foreign policy. This allows us to talk about the certain tendency to return to an isolationist policy that was characteristic of the United States until World War I.

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