Hillary Clinton Is Ill. Her Eventual Replacement Is Being Quietly Discussed

If Clinton really resigns, the Democratic National Committee would decide her replacement.

The video recorded in New York is quite frightening: Hillary Clinton is staggering, stumbling and being held by her assistants. Finally, she seems to be falling in their hands, which grab her or carry her to into the car. Her campaign staff informed that the Democratic candidate fainted because she has pneumonia and has cancelled her planned visit to California. Republicans triumph because for a long time, they suggested that the nearly 69-year-old Hillary is very ill, but her campaign staff was hiding it from the public opinion. Lately, the media in the U.S. have written only about this and have published speculations that Hillary will resign before the election.

It can be treated as a typical American health obsession or one can deplore journalists for sinking so low that they tout sensationalist topics instead of dealing with more serious matters. But Americans remember the case of Woodrow Wilson, who concealed his suffering of a number of apoplexies before becoming president. After elected, in 1919 he suffered a serious stroke, which left him paralyzed, leaving the country, which not many people knew, to be ruled by his wife. The nuclear superpower prefers not to be surprised with the death of their leader.

It’s been a hundred years since Wilson’s presidency, and pneumonia is not as much of a serious problem as it used to be – neither is apoplexy – but this time it’s about transparency. Clinton’s campaign staff hid the news about her illness for a couple of days until her fainting, and shocking, video was released. It wouldn’t be so irritating if not for the fact that the candidate has already gotten so many other secrets. She is notoriously private and dishonest, and she abstrusely explains the controversies related to her mailbox and the family charity foundation.

On the other hand, her Republican opponent cheats and lies even more about his own matters, refusing, for instance, to reveal his tax declaration. But Donald Trump gets away with much worse things; it seems that his voters are holding him accountable in some different way.

One way or another, people in the Democratic Party quietly speak about the need to replace Hillary with somebody else. If she would actually resign, an alternative candidate would be chosen by the DNC. It does not have to necessarily be the vice presidential candidate, Tim Kaine. Only if Hillary resigns after winning the election would Kaine move into the White House. The other two obvious replacements for Hillary are Joe Biden and her main opponent from the primaries, Bernie Sanders, who are both even older than she is.

In the case of Clinton’s withdrawal, the Democrats would find themselves in a difficult situation. Although, there are opinions that the alternative candidates would find it easier to deal with Trump because they have a smaller ”negative” electorate compared to Hillary, who is disliked by more than 60 percent of Americans. But Hillary is famous for being tough and tenacious, she never gives up easily. If her health problems are not serious, as her campaign staff assures, we can be sure that we will live to see the surprise. But she should probably rest because the election campaign in the U.S. is exceptionally physically tiring.

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