The Questionable Quality of the US Presidential Election

During the second presidential debate, the decline in the quality of U.S. politics became apparent when Democratic candidate Clinton and Republican candidate Trump both engaged in multiple personal attacks against each other.

Most of the focus was on how Trump would justify his misogynistic remarks. Eleven years ago, he said in a vulgar conversation that “when you’re a star, [women] let you do it. You can do anything.” Trump also recently faced criticism from his own party after these remarks came to light.

“This was locker-room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago,” explained Trump. Though Trump attempted to counter this using former President Bill Clinton’s past infidelity, he did not gain the sympathy of viewers.

At this stage of the U.S. presidential elections, the public is once again questioning whether Trump is suitable for the role of president.

To date, Trump has made many discriminatory remarks against women, Muslims and immigrants, and his stance on human rights issues has been questioned.

Also of note are his baseless comments, abusive attacks against his opponents and excessive self-justifications. It is also likely he avoided paying income tax for many years.

Although a political party and its members should thoroughly screen its candidates and weed out any who prove to be problematic by the time of the primary elections, Trump’s history makes it obvious that the Republican Party did not do so and failed to fulfill its duties.

Although there is less than a month until elections, the debate strangely did not discuss detailed policies and instead devolved into a mudslinging match of personal attacks. Trump and the Republican Party are largely responsible.

On the other hand, controversy surrounds Clinton’s use of her private email for official business during her time as secretary of state. Although Clinton has apologized, voters are still not fully satisfied.

Speaking practically, the president of the United States is the most influential leader in the world, whose character and views direct the course of the international community. I urge U.S. citizens to carefully examine the qualities and policies of the candidates and to make the right choice.

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